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Time to Unwind


The past couple of months have been pretty hectic for me, I had many happy and sad days, it was just a bit too emotional and busy. And I realised that I haven’t had “me” time for months! So, now that 2016 is here and we all need a fresh start, I decided to give myself a relaxing day. Nothing too fancy or special, just spending some time doing what I love.

It’s pretty cold in Norway at the moment and I’m basically living in slippers, I love these cosy slipper boots from Va Vite that my boyfriend got for me last month. They’re soft and cute and they keep my feet warm.

I love tea and this is just a tiny part of our tea collection. Herbal tea is something that I can’t go a day without in the winter and I’m actually boiling the kettle right now to make myself a nice cup of tea.

This will be a make-up free day for me, I even removed my nail polish and I’m going to enjoy my Sephora Green Tea Eye Mask, then apply a little bit of L’Occitane x Pierre Hermé Paris Pamplemousse Rhubarbe Lip Balm and nourish my hands with Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream. Later, after I remove the eye pads, I’m just going to give my skin a treat by spraying Maya Water Facial Mist with Organic White Tea* which is very soothing and moisturising and will follow with Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil to lock the mist. This combination hydrates the skin really well and makes it feel incredibly soft.

I’m very happy that friends gifted books to me around the holidays, as I love reading and I’m currently starting Tove Jansson‘s Tales From Moominvalley and Amy Lawrence‘s Invincible which was part of my Arsenal membership box (I’m a Gooner for those of you who didn’t know).

It’s also a great day to relive the most amazing summer experience I’ve had in 2015 (you can see a few pictures here)! I’m going to watch Tiziano Ferro Lo Stadio Tour 2015 DVD and just wish I could turn back the time and have that June night again for myself…well, and for 60 000 more around me. I ended last year with this concert and I definitely have to start 2016 with it, as well.

And…it wouldn’t be “me” time without chocolate, right? Hope you’re having a great weekend!

*PR Sample

Why This Man is so Important to Me

Image: http://www.tizianoferro.com

If you ask my family or friends who my favourite artist is, they will literally need a second to give you an answer…something more, they all will tell you the same name – Tiziano Ferro.

Tiziano Ferro is an Italian artist – singer, songwriter, producer, author of two books and an incredible person. He’s probably the most famous Italian artist of our time. But his story didn’t start so glamorous.
He struggled to find his place and way to show his music to the world. He weighed 111 kg, no company wanted to sign him claiming that nobody would listen to Italian R&B music. Luckily, they were wrong.

His professional career began in 2001 and that’s when I heard him first. I was a teenager changing her hobbies and interests five times a day. So, when I heard the first single of the cute Italian guy, I was pretty sure that a month later I wouldn’t even remember him…luckily, I was wrong too.

There was something special about him and although in one part of the world he’s just known for singing Xdono, in another one he’s one of the most successful young talents. I’m very happy that I continued to follow his career because day by day, year by year, I witnessed something extraordinary. At first, I didn’t understand his lyrics so I started studying Italian on my own, as a hobby. I’m not perfect but it’s more than enough to know that he’s a true poet and every song is going so deep in my soul and heart that it’s indescribable. And here I am, 13 years later, still admiring his talent and personality.

But why is he so important? Because he’s inspiration and motivation, because he shows that when you’re passionate about something and you love doing it, it doesn’t matter how many doors will be shut in front of you, you just have to keep going.
Because he writes his songs on his own and something more – he writes songs for his colleagues, for young talents that need help to be noticed and he’s giving them a hand by producing their albums. Because he’s not selfish. He’s an example.
Because he doesn’t live on the social media. Yes, you can see his official pages with millions of followers and fans, managed by his team and occasionally he will write a line or two but he doesn’t share every single second of his life. Instead, he works hard, comes back after his long tv/radio pauses and breaks another record that was set by himself with his previous album.
Because he really has much to say and he does it in the right moment. And although I’m really happy for him when he has these pauses (in which he’s still working), I really miss him because his words give me strength and courage and hope

I just wish he was appreciated even more because he’s a real treasure, a true inspiration and a person who doesn’t take himself too seriously

What I want to tell you with this post is not only that I respect this person so much but also that you shouldn’t give up on what you love, that we should be kind to each other and that we should treasure the little things in our lives.

His sixth studio album TZN – THE BEST OF TIZIANO FERRO will be out November 25th in 4 different versions.
Here the first single from it:

Tour dates has already been announced, pre-order for fan club members starts today, regular orders – tomorrow:

Image: www.tizianoferro.com
Image: http://www.tizianoferro.com