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Hair & Body Bits | Summer 2017

We often talk about skincare and makeup products we use during the summer but it seems that body and hair ones can be a bit neglected sometimes. Summer’s still here and my intentions are to keep enjoying it before the lack of sun comes upon us. The products I’m featuring today are great for the hot days because they combine the joy of pampering yourself and the care we need in the summer. Of course, I use some of them in the rest of the months, as well but I really love them for the season now.

Starting off with a face mist that I’m actually using on my body. Sun protection is very important all year round and especially in the summer. I’ve been away from Norway this year and I’ve been lucky to have a proper summer with over 38°C which can be very dangerous, too. Pixi Sun Mist SPF 30 is actually meant to be used on the face. It’s a very lightweight milky mist that I tried to use once on my face but it just sits a bit too shiny on my combination skin. Instead, I’ve been loving topping up the sunscreen on my arms when I’m out and about in the city. I don’t usually expose myself in the sun much but I love having this spray bottle in my handbag to be able to reapply the mist a few times a day. It’s only 80 ml, so it’s great for travelling, as well, it lasts a really long time, it’s very easy to apply and doesn’t feel sticky or unpleasant. The sun mist is formulated with Chamomile and Bamboo Extracts, has a lovely subtle scent and I love that it doesn’t leave streaks even on my black clothes.

And while we’re on the mists topic, I’d like to mention the Avène Thermal Spring Water. I have all sizes of it in every room and handbag, I use it on my face and body all the time. It’s very soothing and cooling, I also love spritzing it before applying my facial and body oils so that they can spread more evenly.
One of these oils is the Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Body Oil which I shared with you last month in this post. It’s a special gift from my better half while we were on holiday and it’s a great way to moisturise your body even if you don’t like doing it in the summer. This body oil is a treat and it’s a great pleasure to use, the texture is beautiful, the scent is warm and sultry, it’s simply divine.

I’ve been trying many new hair products in the past few months but there are a couple that are my absolute favourites. I’m thinking about preapring a separate blog post on this Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo because there’s a lot I can say about it. I didn’t know I could find Living Proof products around me but one day I went into a lovely store, noticed the brand and picked up this shampoo, they also had the cutest Living Proof minis. This shampoo gives my hair amazing shine and body, tames the frizz and my scalp loves it. It’s really gentle because it’s sulphate-free but lathers up quite well, so you don’t end up feeling like you haven’t washed your hair. It actually cleanses my hair thoroughly but without stripping it. I noticed that many people hate the smell, I really like it, it reminds me of Aura Botanica by Kérastase but it’s a personal preference, so go give it a sniff first in case you’re interested.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I coloured my hair for the first time this year and I was lucky to be able to test out a product that is now one of my favourite ones out there. Kérastase Soleil Aqua Seal* is a fluid cream for sun-exposed, sensitised, colour-treated hair. It comes with a pump which makes it really easy to dispense the right amount of product, it’s very lighweight and doesn’t leave my hair sticky, it also smells incredible. I use the CC Cream from the range, as well but I’d like to think that Aqua Seal* is my hair serum because it makes my hair very strong, shiny, soft, smooth and nourished. In the summer my hair tends to get ginger/red tones because of the sun but this year, it looks totally different and I wish I knew about this product before.

I love all of these products and I feel like I’ve found the perfect summer bits this year. I’m curious to know more about your summer body and hair essentials.

*PR Sample


Because Summer is Still Here





Ciaté London will be releasing their new autumn collection in September but summer is still here so let’s have a look at their Beach House Collection!

The packaging is extremely cute as always and the set contains five mini shades of nail polishes.

Pepperminty is obviously the mint shade, Knickerbocker Glory is the bright pink shade, Hopscotch is the orange shade, Amazing Gracie is the nude one and Party shoes – the sparkly one.

I applied three coats of each to have the final result, some of them didn’t need more than two though!

Will share a few words about all of them starting from the shade on my pinky going down to my thumb.

Pepperminty looks amazing and fresh, didn’t have problem applying it but needs three coats for a smooth look.

It’s best if you use Party shoes as a top coat but I just wanted to show how it looks on its own, it’s really pretty but as per usual I’m struggling a lot with removing glitter nail polishes.

The vibrant orange Hopscotch needed just two coats for me, it was super easy to apply and looks beautiful.

My absolute favourite is Knickebocker Glory! For me it’s a strawberry red which is something that I was missing in my nail polish collection. Goes opaque in one coat! It’s just a dream to apply it and it’s fabulous! (How many exclamation marks can I put in a nail polish description?)

I don’t want to finish in a negative way but I have to say that Amazing Gracie is my least favourite when it comes to application. I’m a huge fan of nude nail polishes but this one is just a bit too streaky. I’m not going to lie and I will say that I had to remove it a couple of times and try applying it again before I took the picture. However, if you apply three very thin layers, it will look beautiful and sophisticated.

I think all the five shades look really pretty, the difference comes with the application and Knickerbocker Glory is my winner.

Have you tried this collection?