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Current Clarifying Shampoo

My hair is pretty thick and long, it’s very soft but falls down heavily. I can say that it’s actually a happy hair because I don’t torture it so much. I don’t use too many styling products and I try to stay away from straighteners and curling wands. However, I use hair dryer every time when I wash my hair but trust me, it’s not as bad as the other tools and I have no idea why people always say that it’s much worse, no, it’s not.

Anyway, water in Norway is pretty soft and I never feel my hair super clean and perfectly washed. That’s why I use a deep cleansing shampoo once a week.

The shampoo that I’m showing you today isn’t described as clarifying one but it works as such for me. It’s by All Nature and it’s their Thyme & Rosemary Volume and Vitality Shampoo. It’s based on natural extracts and oils and it’s free from silicones, parabens, paraffins, SLES and EO. The smell reminds me of old shampoos and probably many people wouldn’t like it but I don’t mind it. It’s a pretty purple gel that foams up and you don’t need very much product to wash your hair. Yes, it does make my hair feel squeaky clean but once a week, I just want my hair to be extremely clean, that’s how I prefer it. This shampoo does it and also makes my hair soft without flyaways and gives me lots of volume. It removes all the build-up while keeping the hair in good condition.

The frequency of using a clarifying shampoo is different for every person. Some do it once a month, others two times a month, it depends on the hair type and condition.

Which clarifying shampoo would you recommend?