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June Favourites

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Summer has officially arrived, July is almost here and I hope it’s going to be a great one! I’ve been really into fresh, minimal make-up in the past few weeks, the reasons are many, some of them not so positive and won’t go into details but my June beauty favourites are here and they will stay with me for the rest of the summer.

I’ve been keeping my base really sheer and lightweight and I’ve already used up quite a bit of the Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector SPF 20*. If you want to know more about it, you can check out my blog post here but essentially, this product is a multi-tasking cream that combines skincare benefits and sheer foundation coverage. It just makes my skin look smoother and better, in general but without being heavy or sitting like a mask.

As you can see I have two blushes in my favourites this month, one is an individual and the second one is in a palette. I just think blush makes everyone look a bit more healthy and youthful but these two shades, especially, are amazing for spring and summer. Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in 010 Santa Rose gives a subtle pop of peachy pink with a lovely sheen to the cheeks and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s actually really long-lasting, doesn’t fade easily and the packaging is really portable, although you have to be careful because it’s not very durable.
I adore the whole Estée Lauder Summer Glow Multi-Palette* and the fine and soft texture of all the three products in it. I use them on my eyes, I use them on my cheeks and it just gives me that glowy and sunkissed look without looking overdone. If I want to look healthy (and I’ve been really needing this in the past weeks) but still natural, this is my go-to palette. If you want to see swatches, have a look here.

There are a few fragrances that really get me into the summer mood but the one I’ve been reaching for most of the time has been Flora by Gucci – Gorgeous Gardenia. I’ve said here that this was a surprise love for me because I don’t normally like floral fragrances but it’s not a proper floral fragrance, I think. I find it a bit more sweet and fresh but still elegant and I just love wearing it at the moment although it doesn’t last that long on me, sadly.

Last but not least, a really handy little product that a dear friend sent to me. It’s the Essence Studio Nails Nail Care Pen and I knew I’d love it from the beginning because I already have the Cuticle Remover Pen and the Repairing Nail Oil from the brand and that’s something in between. I use the nail oil at night because it’s a bit more oily but with this pen, I can apply the caring oil right where I need it and not turn everything into a mess, it’s so easy to use and I can continue with the rest of my work! The pen dispenses a small amount of oil that smells wonderful and nourishes my nails ans cuticles really well.

These are the products I’ve been enjoying in the past few weeks and even months, what are yours?

Not for Me #2

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We all make lists of products we would like to purchase just because we read so many positive reviews on them. Sadly, sometimes they don’t work out so well for us. That’s the case with this edition of Disappointing products. I’ve heard so much about these items and had high hopes but unfortunately, they’re just not for me.

The most hyped up product out of the three is without a doubt the Eveline 8 in 1 Total Action Intensive Nail Conditioner. I’ve read dozens of reviews about how amazing it is, how it does wonders to the nails although it’s super cheap. I knew that I can’t replace my beloved OPI Nail Envy (review here) with this one but I was expecting at least a little improvement in my nail condition. This product did absolutely nothing for my nails after weeks and weeks of application. Something more, when I was applying it, the feeling was as if the conditioner was going under my nails and was burning my skin every single time. I don’t know how so many girls never experienced this but I don’t think I will be trying this product again anytime soon.

I’m still quite bad at doing my eyeliner and I’m always on the hunt for a newbie-friendly liquid eyeliner. That’s how I’ve come across the Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen. It was recommended by many girls, I love Essence products and indeed the formula of this eyeliner is pretty black which is great. However, the very tip of the liner gets dry so quickly that it makes it impossible to use it to make a fine line. After the third time, it felt like there was no product in the pen. It also smudges a bit throughout the day, so I wouldn’t rely on it. I’ve heard a lot about the Essence eyeliners but maybe I should try a waterproof one, what do you think?

The last product for today isn’t such a huge regret because I’ve seen so many bad dry shampoos that one more isn’t the end of the world. It’s also quite cheap, so I would have expected it but on to the product. I’m talking about the Balea Dry Shampoo and if you’re looking for a budget dry shampoo, I wouldn’t recommend this one. It’s pretty chalky but doesn’t do anything to keep the hair fresh, it actually makes it feel sticky and greasy looking.

These are a few products that didn’t live up to my expectations in the past couple of months. Do you have any recent beauty regrets?

New in from Essence & First Impressions

When I’m in my hometown, I try to visit the drugstores as often as possible because it’s a paradise here and knowing that half of the affordable brands are not available in Norway, makes it even more tempting.

Last week, I noticed that Essence Cosmetics had many new products on their stand. Some of their new brushes are on my wishlist but sadly, none of the four stores I visited that day, had them. At the end, I picked up two lipsticks, two nail care products, a concealer and a tinted brow gel.

I love Essence Longlasting Lipsticks (review here), so when I saw that they have new lipstick range called Sheer & Shine Lipsticks, I picked up two of them in the shades 07 Sprakling Miracle which is a muted berry and 10 Glamour Queen that looks dark brown but is actually something like beige mixed with mauve. I love the colours although I’m not a big fan of the shimmer inside but these were the shades I liked and they both happened to have shimmer. The lipsticks are very creamy and glossy, they feel like a tinted lip balm because they’re quite sheer and surprisingly, they last longer than I expected.

The first nail care product is the Essence Studio Nails Nail Cuticle Remover Pen which seemed very interesting to me. I’ve never tried their nail care pens before but after this one, I’m curious about the rest. Basically, this pen distributes oil (contains Avocado Oil and Sweet Almond Oil) onto the cuticles and after waiting a couple of minutes to soften them, I push them back with the tip. It’s such a simple item but genious at the same time, the tip doesn’t damage my skin and the oil nourishes the area around the nail. It has a citrus-y scent and this product is perfect for throwing in your travel bag.
Another travel-friendly nail product is the Essence Studio Nails Repairing Nail Oil with Argan Oil. It has a tiny bottle, a great applicator and a bubblegum smell. I’ve been applying this every night in the past week and there’s certainly a result. The skin around my nails is much more hydrated, the nails look more healthy and shiny.

I remember that Essence had a concealer duo but I’ve never tried it and I believe they discontinued it. But there is a new pair of concealers now and it’s called Camouflage Cream Concealer. Making a comparison between this one and the Catrice Camouflage Cream (review here) is inevitable. The Essence duo comes in only one shade 10 Natural Beige and I have to say that it looks darker in the pan than it actually is. While the Catrice product is much thicker and high coverage, the Essence one feels a bit lighter and has medium coverage but it’s definitely buildable. They both last really long time on me, Essence is a better match for my skin tone but I love both of the products. Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer is such a handy pair of concealers as I’ve been using the darker one for blemishes and mixing the two together or just using the lighter one, depending on the coverage I want, under my eyes.

I’m really surprised by how much I liked all of the purchased products but I left the best for the last. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara since the day it launched in Germany. Months have passed but I finally got it and I think I’ll have to stock up on it because it comes in a tiny 3.8 ml tube. The applicator is a very small brush, the formula has fibers and gives my eyebrows shape, tint and density. I use it on its own or on top of eyebrow pencil and it works great. I want to give it a good try and then I will report back but so far, I’m loving this eyebrow gel.

Hope this post was useful! Have you tried any of these items?

Review: OPI Nail Envy for Dry & Brittle Nails




My nails grow very fast and they’re pretty strong but I do very much work at home, I cook every day, wash my hands hundreds of  times so my nails get dry and start to split. I needed a nice treatment and was suggested to try the OPI Nail Envy out.
You can wear it as a base coat but I decided first to make a two-week course with just the treatment and nothing else. After those two weeks, I’m now using it before applying my nail polish.

Nail Envy is available in several formulas, the original formula is the most popular one. However, I picked the moisturising one.

The instructions suggest to apply two coats and a new coat every other day without removing the previous one. On the 7th day, you remove all the coats and start reapplying. The reason I wanted to try it first on natural nails without applying nail polish was that I can never wear a colour for 7 days, I always remove it on the 3rd or 4th day and I wanted to see the real results.

After a bit more than two weeks of using the product, I can see that my nails are growing even faster, they are more flexible and looking more healthy. A couple of them are still peeling a lot but I guess it needs more time. Or maybe I have to try the Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy but they didn’t have it in the store.

It’s quite pricey, I got mine for 260 kr which is about £25 but I think it will last pretty long time.

So far, I’m pleased with the results. It’s not something magical but I prefer to give it more time to work with my nails. They definitely look much healthier than they were before trying this product.

Have you used OPI Nail Envy for Dry & Brittle Nails?