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Estée Lauder Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint


On Friday, Estée Lauder released their new Genuine Glow Collection exclusively at KICKS Norway. I’ve never been so crazy about glow as I am at the moment, so I felt really excited when I was first introduced to the new Estée Lauder Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint*. It’s no secret that I adore tinted lip oils, they are pretty, they are nourishing and you can apply them on-the-go without any mirror needed!

The new collection consists of oil-free moisture balms and sheer colour washes which sounds perfect for the summer. It’s basically a hybrid between skincare and make-up infused with antioxidants to achieve healthy-looking skin that gets even better as you use the series. The inspiration for the products comes from the K-beauty glow trends to give you this natural glow that shows when you’re happy and you’re enjoying life.

The pale pink metallic packaging of the collection makes the experience even more special, it’s pretty but not too girly and still sophisticated. I’m in love!

Estée Lauder Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint* comes in a universal sheer shade that goes on clear at first but then it enhances the natural shade of your lips creating a unique just-kissed, glowing rosy lip. The consistency of the product is very interesting, it’s not of an oil, it’s more of a gloss that is a bit thicker but not heavy on the lips. This lip tint feels really luxurious and light, has a fresh minty feel and can be worn alone or on top of lipstick or lip pencil for a more plump look. It hydrates really well, makes the lips look smooth, juicy and shiny. It’s not sticky and it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. Estée Lauder Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint* comes in a pen form and should be twisted a few times until the lip tint comes up. I think it’s a product worth checking out and I’ll be surely having it in my handbag in the summer.

As part of the Genuine Glow Collection, there are also products like Priming Moisture Balm, Priming Moisture Eye Balm, Blushing Creme for Lips & Cheeks (available in 2 shades) and Eyelighting Creme for Eyes & FaceEstée Lauder Genuine Glow Collection is now available in selected KICKS boutiques in Norway and I can’t wait to go and see the rest of the collection.

*PR Sample


Shake Shake Shake, Dab Dab Dab!

DSC_1056post DSC_1067post1
When I first heard the news about Lancôme‘s new Juicy Shaker back in November 2015, I almost screamed with excitement and I couldn’t wait for the spring to arrive. This little gem is one of the most anticipated lip products for 2016, it’s unique, it’s different and when Lisa Eldridge is involved, you know it’s going to be amazing.

Lancôme Juicy Shaker is a mix between the original Cocktail Shaker Lipstick from 1945 and the famous Juicy Tubes from the 1990s. It’s a lip gloss with bi-phase formula combining nourishing lip oils and beautiful pigments for natural looking but glossy and plump lips. The oils contain Omega 3 and 6, Almond Oil, Peach Seed Oil, Muscat Rose Oil and Cranberry Oil for hydrated and soft lips.

The tiny shaker packaging comes with a cushion applicator that is very bouncy and comfortable on the lips, it has a really good shape that makes the application really easy. The formula of the gloss is incredibly moisturising and non-sticky and you can build up the pigment to the desired level by simply adding a few layers of the product. Give it a good shake before use, so that the oils and the pigment mix together. Then dab (don’t swipe) the product onto the lips to really press the pigment and get the colour you want.

Juicy Shaker comes in 14 amazing shades, one of them, 400 Mint to Be, is limited edition. Each shade has its own fragrance and you can mix together different colours and fragrances to create your own Juicy Shaker.
I’m really excited to show you swatches of 12 of the shades, as I’m missing 283 Berry in Love and 400 Mint to Be.
My favourite shades are 252 Vanilla Pop, 301 Meli Melon, 372 Berry Tale and 381 Mangoes Wild. Some shades have shimmer in them, some don’t but all are really pretty. As you can see, 300 Lemon Explosion and 313 Boomeringue look very sheer and that’s because they are quite light pink shades with a lot of shimmer in them but when they’re applied on the lips, they do give a nice tint to them.

The lasting power isn’t the best but these glosses are such a pleasure to re-apply that I really don’t mind it and if this means that I’ll have juicy and nourished lips, I’m up for it! They actually keep my lips soft and moisturised even hours after the oil has faded

If you want to see these beauties in action and to learn which are Lisa‘s favourite colours, check out this video. You can already find them in Norway for the price of 195 kr.

Lancôme Juicy Shakers are fun, moisturising, beautiful and delicious lip glosses and they don’t seem to leave my handbag at the moment. I think I might be addicted to them!
What’s your favourite shade?

August Favourites

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I can’t quite believe how fast this summer is going! It feels as if yesterday was May and me and my boyfriend were excited to start our summer trips and suddenly, it’s almost September.

In the last couple of months, I’ve minimised the number of products I use and they actually turned into bag essentials or travel essentials.

Such travel essential is the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Face Mask. I have a miniature of it but there’s still a lot of product in the tube. This product is probably the most famous one from the brand and of course, I had high expectations. The texture is a bit like honey and almost feels like an oil cleanser, the scent is divine and personally, I don’t feel any stinging or tingling but it’s said that you may experience this. I leave the mask on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off. After that my skin is really smooth and radiant but what impressed me most is that the day after, my skin looks even better and brighter. So this mask really does exfoliate without being harsh on the skin.

Now that lip oils are a thing, I decided to try the Balea Roll-On Lip Oil which you can find at the drugstore. I was a bit sceptical because of the coconut scent and because the other lip care products from the brand didn’t appeal to me before but I was surprised. The coconut scent is very mild, so it’s not a problem for me. The oil isn’t too oily and it’s actually thicker than I’d expect, it feels quite comfortable on the lips and it’s not sticky. I use it at night and I wake up to soft and nourished lips. I’m really pleased with the results and also quite surprised.

One day I randomly picked up two eye pencils because well, I forgot all my eye pencils in Norway and they are both from Maybelline‘s ColoRama Crayon Kohl range. Today I’m showing you 400 Marvelous Maroon but I also like 320 Vibrant Violet. The texture of these eye pencils is very soft and the product can be used even in the waterline or as an eyeshadow (base). You have some seconds to smudge it if you want and then it sets and lasts pretty long time. The shade that I’m sharing with you today is a metallic copper with a slight golden shimmer running through and looks very pretty. I like it for an everyday look to just make the eyes pop a bit.

There are two nail products included in this month’s favourites edition, a base coat and a top coat. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Maybelline Dr. Rescue CC Nails but what it does for me is to prevent staining the nails when using a bright nail shade. That’s why I like it, I just know that I can use a neutral nail colour right after I take off the bright watermelon one, for example. It doesn’t improve the condition of my nails or anything like that but honestly, I didn’t even think it would do it.
The second nail product is the famous Gel Nail Top Coat from Essence. It gives my nails a great shine but what I love most about it is how it extends the life of my nail polish. As I’ve said before, I have to remove my nail polish 2-3 days after I applied it while with this top coat, it lasts up to 5 days.

Last but not least, my favourite fragrance at the moment in a pocket-friendly packaging. The feminine but also a bit sweet from Armani is my summer choice and I get asked what perfume I use everytime when I’m wearing it. You know when you connect a scent to an experience, to a memory? Everytime when I smell this perfume, I think about this lovely summer and the unforgettable and even unbeliavable things that happened to me. This makes it even more special…

What did you love in August?