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Army of Minis #3

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I’m just packing my suitcase because I’ll be flying to Munich tomorrow which makes me very excited. I haven’t been to the city before and I can’t wait to see their Christmas markets, all the decorations and food.

Here are some of the small-sized products that I added to my beauty bag:

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel – I tend to keep a sachet of this product in my travel bag because it’s really handy and the gel helps in case of unwanted spots appearing during my travels;
Purederm Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask – This will be the first time trying the face mask, I picked it up because I like some of the brand’s skincare items and it’s always good to have a clay mask for my combination skin;
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – I’m really happy I got many minis of this mascara as it’s one of my all-time favourites and never seems to fail me. I love having it in my travel make-up bag because it means I can always have curled lashes that are also voluminous and lengthened. You can read more of my thoughts on it here, as I’ve done a full review;
– Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair Million Gloss Shampoo – They didn’t have much variety of mini shampoos at the drugstore, so I decided to get this one just because I’ve had a full size and it’s not a bad one, plus it really does give a nice shine to my hair;
– Balea Repair + Care 1 Minute Intensive Mask – It’s another product that I still haven’t tried but it would be a great opportunity to do it now, so I’ll report back;
Velnea Dry Shampoo – I like to have a mini dry shampoo when I travel but they still seem quite bulky to me, so I was surprised to see such a tiny one. I haven’t used it before but it promises to refresh the hair and to also add volume to it;
Golden Rose WOW! Nail Colour in 62 – This is one of the few times I’m taking a nail polish with me, I try to use a good base and top coat that can make my nail varnish last 5-6 days when I’m away from home. However, this tiny bottle has one of my favourite nail polish formulas I’ve come across. Plus, the shade is a gorgeous dark purple one that is perfect for the colder months;
L.A. Colours Nail Polish Remover in Peach – I thought such pads are pretty comfortable to throw in your travel make-up bag in case you need to remove your nail polish and you don’t want to carry bottles of nail polish remover;
Velnea Hand and Nail Balm – It was a random purchase because I needed a new hand cream for my handbag but it turned out to be a pretty good one. The tube is really small, the hand cream is hydrating but also absorbs super quickly and I can continue with my tasks without my hands feeling sticky;
Essence Repairing Nail Oil – I like applying this nail oil before going to bed, so that I can have nourished nails and cuticles on the next morning. It also smells really nice;
LUSH New Charity Pot – I’ve done a review on this product here and I really like having a small tin of it with me.

I’ll continue with the packing and hopefully Munich will give me a warm welcome!



November Favourites

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Are you excited for Christmas? I have big plans for the next few weeks, my birthday is in December, too and hopefully it will be a wonderful month!
So now, let’s say ‘Goodbye’ to November with this favourites edition.

I still haven’t tried anything from the new H&M Beauty range because I really didn’t like their previous one and at the moment, so many people are giving mixed reviews that I prefer to wait a bit. However, I purchased the Precision Sponge which is supposed to be a dupe for the Beauty Blender and I quite like it. It’s very squishy and nice to work with, the tapered tip makes it easy to reach the areas under the eyes or around the nose and washing it has been pretty easy, so far.

I have two Clinique make-up products in my most loved ones this month. I mentioned here how much I like their Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in the shade 01 Jumbo Jet* and I have to add that as it dries with the time, I like it even more. It separates and lifts the lashes, holds the curl all day and doesn’t flake or smudge.
Also, their Pop Lip Colour + Primer lipstick in the shade 15 Berry Pop* has been on my lips a lot in the past few weeks and I can’t wait to show you the swatches of the new colours that they added to the line. These lipsticks are hydrating, they feel light on the lips but the pigmentation is really intense. Also, this berry shade is pretty festive.

Another festive-looking product is the special YSL Touche Éclat Kiss & Love Edition in the shade 2 Luminous Ivory* (review here). It’s great to illuminate the high points of the face to make you look more awake and glowy. I always have it in my handbag.

My favourite nail polish has been trend IT UP Double Volume & Shine in the shade 090 which I showed you here. It’s without a doubt one of the best autumn shades I own and considering what an amazing formula you get for such a good price, it’s just impossible to not love it. Unfortunately, it’s available only in Germany and that’s the only downside.

To protect my hands, I’ve been reaching for the Yves Rocher Arnica Long-Lasting Moisturising Hand Cream. It takes a bit of time to absorb but the texture is quite light and hydrating at the same time. The hand cream is formulated with Organic Arnica and has a very delicate and beautiful scent. Really nice hand moisturiser all year round.

These are my favourites this month. Have you tried any of them?

*PR Samples

Empties #4

I’ve accumulated too much beauty trash again! I really don’t like keeping so many empty bottles and I always think that the post turns into an essay and everybody’s bored at the end. Hopefully, there are a product or two that you’re interested in and you’d like to hear an opinion on them. Let’s get started then!

Hair products
Batiste Dry Shampoo Original – I’m a fan of the Batiste dry shampoos but this has to be my least favourite of the bunch, it wasn’t bad but to me, personally, it seemed that the other versions are a bit lighter while doing more work and smelling better.
Björn Axén The Legacy Strengthening Shampoo for fine hair – I loved this shampoo although I don’t have fine hair. It made my hair soft in a good way, it smells of apricots and a little goes a long way.
Gliss Kur Million Gloss Shampoo – It made my hair shiny but not super glossy, my hair felt really clean without being squeaky clean, I liked the shampoo but of course, it doesn’t give you the 10 days gloss that promises.
Faith in Nature Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner* – The combination of these two products made my hair look and feel like years ago when I was a child and I didn’t use any products except shampoo on my hair. They just made my hair soft, more alive and just lovely! Plus, the scent makes you think of summer.
Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Conditioning Spray – I love leave-in conditioners and this one isn’t an exception. The bottle lasted me more than half a year, I used the product on damp hair and it made it smooth and the combing was much easier.
REN Oat and Bay Conditioning Shampoo – I didn’t use it more than a couple of times because of the size but I liked it although it made my hair feeling squeaky clean. Probably, it wouldn’t be a shampoo for every day though.
REN  Pro-Vitamin Hair Conditioner – It’s a lovely conditioner, light but nourishing and detangling. Smells amazing.

Body products
REN Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash – The scent won’t be appealing to everybody but the texture is very light and refreshing. I enjoyed using it.
CD Winter Body Wash in Vanilla – Luckily, it doesn’t really smell of vanilla, it’s just a nice Christmas scent with warmth to it, the texture is creamy and it really reminds me of the winter holidays, it’s very nice.
Rituals Fortune Oil – I love Rituals body products and this oil is one of them. It’s fresh but luxurious, light but nourishing on the skin. If you like body washes in the form of oils, be sure to check this one out.
Rituals Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel – This one is my favourite! The product comes liquid-y out of the pump but transforms into the lightest and luxurious foam. It’s gentle, it smells gorgeous – citrus-y but a bit spicy too, I can’t explain it well but I’ll be looking for the full size of it.
Naturelle Shower&Oil Almond Care – The dupe for L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil! The scent is a bit different but still wonderful, the texture is of runny honey, a bit thicker than the L’Occitane one but they felt very similar on the skin. I’d repurchase.
Kneipp Shower Foam – I think I’m starting to fall in love with shower foams. This is the only product from Kneipp that I’ve tried and I really enjoyed it. Wonderful light texture of the foam, a bit thicker than the Rituals one though and fresh floral scent.
Versace Bright Crystal Perfumed Body lotion and Shower gel – Lovely texture of them both, divine scent of the Bright Crystal Perfume, a real treat.
Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator – I miss the mint-y feel on my skin after using this product. It has good exfoliating properties and makes your skin look brighter and smoother.
KräuterhoF Body Peeling with Cocoa and Shea Butter – I love this product, it smells delicious, removes the dead skin cells and nourishes your skin thanks to the cocoa and shea butter. You have to know that this isn’t the best scrub if you have some small cuts (like scratches from kitties for example) because it will sting.
Eucerin In-Shower Body Lotion – This one was perfect for the cold mornings after a workout when I just wanted to take a hot shower and quickly apply moisturiser on my body. Got it long time ago when I was in Germany but luckily, it’s now available in Norway, too.
I love…Strawberries and Cream Body Butter – Not the best moisturising properties but absorbs quickly and smells so sweet and nice that you’d almost think it’s a dessert.
L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body Lotion – I always have a mini of this one when I travel. It’s one of the most moisturising body lotions that I’ve used and it’s perfect for trips when your skin suffers a bit more than usual.
L’Occitane Subtle Violet Hand Cream – It was a limited edition and I liked it so much that I wanted to keep it forever. Unfortunately, I realised that it was about to expire in some months, so I had to use it up. Great moisturising properties and amazing scent, wish it was in their permanent collection.
IMG_2792postFace products
Estelle&Thild Fragrance Free Cleansing Gel (discontinued) – I really enjoyed using this cleansing gel. It’s really light, it’s not foamy, cleanses my skin well and leaves it soft. Maybe the smell isn’t for everyone but I think it’s normal for a natural product.
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Cream – I said before that this is the first foaming cream that I really like because they tend to be too heavy on my combination skin. This one was gentle on my face, my skin didn’t feel stripped, it didn’t make my T-zone more oily and it didn’t break me out.
LUSH Mask of Magnaminty – Such a fresh and minty mask. At first, it terribly broke me out but after this it was actually helping me avoid blemishes. Not my number one face mask but I think I’d repurchase.
Faith in Nature Face Wipes* – Although I’m not a fan of face wipes, these came really handy when I travelled to London. They’re gentle, yet effective and also toning and moisturising. My favourite face wipes so far.
EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew Lip Balm – I think we can all agree that these are not the most hydrating lip balms but because they have natural ingredients and smell amazing, I like them for the day. I use a more moisturising lip balm at night and everything is ok.
Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye – This is just a sample, so I can’t have a detailed opinion but it made my under eye area soft and smooth.
Formula 10.0.6 Down To The Pore – I know many people suggest not to use such stripes because they actually can make the situation worse but I wanted to try them out and honestly, I miss them. I’m trying to resist not buying them again and for the moment I’m replacing them with deep cleansing clay masks.
The Body Shop Ionic Clay Mask – Speaking of clay masks, here’s one. I used the sachet twice, the product was too much for only one application and I liked the results although it was a bit too warm on my face, maybe I just have to get used to it.
Nivea Eye Make-up Remover – I couldn’t wait for this product to end! It’s the old packaging as you can see, I’ve been having it for half a year, it was too hard to work with it. The two phases never seemed to stay together for more than a second, they were always splitting and I couldn’t remove any make-up with this product.
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream – This concealer is very nice, I loved using it with the matching CC cream for the rest of the face, it’s a just a bit brightening, has a decent coverage, doesn’t crease and I’d repurchase if there was a Bourjois counter in Norway.

Have you tried some of these products?

*PR Samples

London Beauty Haul: High-End Products

IMG_2083post IMG_2087post IMG_2089post IMG_2096post IMG_2114post IMG_2122post

I’m finally starting my London haul series and because the high-end products post will be the easiest and tiniest one, I decided to make it first. It has just a few products because there are many luxurious brands available in Norway and the ones that aren’t available here and I was looking for in London, always had their best products sold out. It was quite sad but oh well, I guess I have to keep waiting for NARS and Charlotte Tilbury *sigh*
Something similar actually happened at Boots too! Even the drugstore products that I wanted were always sold out.

I really didn’t need another moisturiser but I have a soft spot for Clarins and I always want to try more products from them. I got their Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream-Gel. To me cream-gel sounded really suitable for my combination skin and I have to start thinking about preventing the first wrinkles already so hopefully this will help.

I love L’Occitane and I get really excited when I see a store because here we have only small counters with their products. I’m a huge fan of their sets, so I was hoping to get some in London but unfortunately there were no new ones or ones that I haven’t tried. At the end I decided to pick a hand cream because L’Occitane hand creams are some of the best. I haven’t tried the Arlésienne Velvet Hand Cream and the scent was amazing, so this was my choice.

Me and my boyfriend decided to go to Liberty’s and get a present for his parents because they love taking baths, so we picked the Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection. It has 10 oils which are: Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil, Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil, De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil, De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil, Revive Evening Bath & Shower Oil, Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil, Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil, Support Lavender & Peppermint Bath & Shower Oil, Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil. I really hope they will like this collection.

And last but not least, again from Liberty’s I got something that I’ve been wanting for such a long time. It’s the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler and the reason why I wanted it so bad is because I’ve never used an eyelash curler simply because of fear. Yes, I was always too scared to buy a drugstore curler and twist my eyelashes not knowing what would happen to them. It is a pricey tool but I’m sure it will serve me a long time, I already tried working with it and there is a huge difference. My lashes look prettier even without mascara. I’d still recommend not using curlers instead of risking your eyes with cheap ones.

Have you used any of these products?

Three Underrated Hand Creams You Need in Your Life


Winter is a real challenge for our skin, body and hair. But we use our hands all the time and they’re one of the first things that others see when they meet us.
Whether they’re not a nice picture or for us it’s quite painful, dry hands are something that we don’t want. There are thousands of hand creams out there, we know the most famous ones, some of them are favourites of mine but today I wanted to show you three hand products that are not mentioned and appreciated enough…at least that’s what I think.

Starting off with the Origins Make a Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment which is the priciest one but comes in a tube of 75 ml. I love Origins skincare products but I never thought I’d get a hand cream from them. This cream has a light citrus-y scent and thick, yet non-greasy texture. It sinks into the skin pretty quickly but leaves a light film, it almost feels like silk gloves protecting your hands. You need just a little and you don’t have to reapply all the time. It has the resurrection plant Rose of Jericho in it, as well as Trehalose and Sea Haricots.

For me, Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream is the softest and the best smelling one out of the bunch. And also the tiniest with its 57 grams. Although I’d like to talk only about the product that’s inside, I have to mention how pretty this glass jar is and I’m sure I’ll be using it once the cream is over. This cream is 100% natural and not tested on animals. The ingredients are Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E that are perfect for hydrating and protecting your hands and Beeswax which seals the moisture and works as a skin conditioner. The scent is divine, it’s sweet but nutty, it smells almost like almond cookies. It’s a very rich cream but absorbs quickly and is quite comfortable to wear, feels very soothing. I love having it on my bedside table.

Last but not least, NUXE Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream. We all know their famous lip balm (I’ve done a review on it here) but the hand cream from the same line deserves attention as well. Has the lightest texture of the three but it’s still really hydrating. Contains Honey, Sunflower, Precious Oils and Vitamin E. Smells lovely of honey and flowers at the same time, sinks into the skin pretty fast and you don’t get sticky hands. This is the one that I’d carry in my bag because it leaves something like a velvet-y finish. If you hate the feeling of hand creams in general, this is the one to try!

What’s your favourite hand cream?