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Battle of the Dry Shampoos

I don’t know what I’d do without dry shampoos. Actually, I know! I’d stay up at 4-5 am to wash my hair every morning. I’ve been doing this for years at school and then uni. Honestly, it was a torture. I just always like to have my hair clean, I get compliments on the way it looks and smells but my second day hair is actually quite flat.

Dry shampoos are good for those days when we’re in a rush and our hair starts to look not so clean anymore but with a little help, it can still have a fresh and nice appearance. I also like to use dry shampoos when I need a bit more volume and/or texture. It’s actually quite a versatile product for me.
I haven’t used hundreds of dry shampoos but it’s a product that I always have in my stash and I always try to find new ones and see which one is the best dry shampoo. Here are a few of my latest and probably best purchases and hopefully, the comparison between them will help you choose your next dry shampoo. The most important thing to remember for all of them is that you have to use it on dry hair, to shake well the can and to spray from about 15 cm distance.

Let’s begin with Batiste because there are two of them here and it’s probably the most popural dry shampoo brand. The first one, Heavenly Volume is the most powdery of all but it also works instantly. It absorbs the excess grease, it does give a good amount of volume and texture and the chalky look is gone pretty quickly. However, if you don’t like the thick feel when you run fingers through the hair, you probably won’t be a fan of this one. The second one is in their Oriental scent. Smells lovely and does a great job. It doesn’t give so much volume but it’s not supposed to. It’s a little bit lighter that the Heavenly Volume one but still works great on me.

Moving on to Dove Refresh+Care which was probably the most looked for dry shampoo. I was hearing so many good reviews on it but so far, I’ve found it only in the UK. It’s definitely worth the hype, there is almost no white residue, smells amazing (my personal favourite when it comes to scents) and refreshes the hair after a minute massaging the product into it.

The newest release is from CoLab and I randomly picked up the Tokyo scent. It reminds me of my grandmother’s favourite perfume in a good way, it’s quite sophisticated actually. It has the most invisible formula of the ones here and maybe that’s why I prefer to use it hours before I need to go out. It doesn’t work immediately, I have to spray it on the night before or in the morning, in case I’m going out in the afternoon. But hours later, the hair is refreshed, the scalp is not sticky and I’m curious to try the other scents and the Extreme Volume series, as well. However, if you’re expecting to see results a minute later, you’d be more likely to think you’re using a texturising spray. It gives you texture but not a refresh.

Last but not least, is the Garnier 7-in-1 The Silky Dry Shampoo. The idea of my hair smelling of Vanilla is really putting me off but the scent of this product is not the typical Vanilla one, it’s still quite strong and sweet but also fresh. The claims on the tin are pretty big and I don’t agree with all of them but I still think it’s not the worst dry shampoo that you can try. However, I have to say it’s my least favourite. It refreshes the hair but just not so much as the other ones and sometimes can make it look a bit lifeless and flat.

If I have to pick my most favourite, it would definitely be the Batiste Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo because it’s a dry shampoo and texturising spray in one (I so want to try their XXL Volume one!). A runner-up would be the Dove Refresh+Care Dry Shampoo.

What’s your favourite dry shampoo?

London Beauty Haul: High-Street Products (Hair, Body and Nails)

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After posting the high-end products haul last week, I decided to split my drugstore hauls into 2 posts – first is hair, body and nail products and second will be skincare and make-up because as much as I’m going to try making it short, I guess it’s just not possible. The products that I got are from Boots and Superdrug and I tried to find the ones that we don’t have in Norway. It’s actually not so much as it looks and at least, it’s not all for me but for friends and family, as well. Plus, there were so many ‘3 for 2’ or ‘Buy 1 get 2nd half price’ offers that in fact, many products are free.

I will start with the dry shampoos. There isn’t a big variety of dry shampoos in Norway and I wanted to get as many as I could. I got so carried away that I don’t even remember buying the Boots Paradise Island Dry Shampoo and I was surprised when I saw it in my suitcase. The only one that I’ve already tried is the Dove Refresh+Care Dry Shampoo and I’m loving it so far. I’m a fan of Batiste and there are so many scents in the UK, so I got the Batiste Heavenly Volume and Batiste Oriental Dry Shampoos. The last two are COLAB Dry Shampoo in Tokyo and Garnier Ultimate Blends The Silky 7-in-1 Dry Shampoo. I also took with me The Nourishing Repairer 1 Minute Treatment from the same Ultimate Blends range. Speaking of hair treatments, I love leave-in conditioners and hair oils and I decided to get two hair oils: the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil and the OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco. I’ve never tried anything from Mark Hill before but I’ve heard people talking about their dry shampoo (which I didn’t get). I picked the Holiday Hair Beach Babe Wave Sea Salt Spray and the Big Night Out Only Takes a Minute! 60 Second Detox Gloss Treatment…yes, the full names. It was a random purchase but when I’m now reading so many positive reviews on these products, I’m quite happy that I chose them. I got one tool as well and it’s a classic – the Tangle Teezer! So far, I think it’s totally worth the hype.

Me and my boyfriend actually got just one body product because we have more than enough but we really wanted to get his parents the Sanctuary SPA Luxury Bath Float and it turned out that ‘If you spend £10 or more, you get a gift’. So, we got a pretty box as a gift and inside we found 3 products from the White Lily and Damask Rose line: full-sized body lotion and body wash and a mini body scrub – bargain!

Last but not least, nails. I was very curious about the Barry M nail polishes so I picked Papaya and Almond from their Gelly Hi-Shine series and In a Heart Beat and Lap of Honour from the new Quick Dry line. I’m actually keeping only Almond for myself because it turned out friends and family are curious about Barry M, too…why didn’t I get more? Models Own is another brand that we don’t have here but unfortunately the shades that I was looking for were never available, so I picked only Beach Bag. From Rimmel I got Oh, Mr Darcy! (Finally!) and Grape Sorbet which I feel is the perfect shade for my lovely mom and it goes straight to her. Couldn’t miss to add Berry Stain from Maybelline and their famous Super Stay Gel Nail Colour range to my basket, I have no idea why they’re still not available here. Last but not least, I popped into Topshop with big hopes but sadly, there wasn’t much from what I wanted and at the end I picked just Sweet and Elite and then Sixteen Candles from their Matte Nails. The last one looked almost lavender-y in the store but it turned out it’s baby pink which is a bit disappointing. Hopefully, I didn’t make the same mistake with Sweet and Elite.

One last part of my London haul series left and it will include skincare and make-up!

October Favourites



October is coming to an end and it’s time to look back and see what I’ve been using mostly in the past few weeks.

Although it’s autumn, I’ve been reaching for nude nail polishes and even such with slightly pinky tones. Yves Rocher‘s Rose Pastel is more of a spring shade but I like it so much that I’ve been applying it very often in October. It’s a peachy pink, nude pastel shade with just a tiny bit of glitter and I like it on both my nails and toes.

My hair is not in the best condition right now, it always looks a bit meh in the colder months although I’m trying to take care of it. It’s very long and thick and it’s not very easy to deal with (planning to chop it pretty soon). I’ve mentioned the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Conditioning Spray here and it has been the product that helped me nourish my hair a little bit more along with some other oils and masks.

When I was younger I was really scared of putting a night cream on my combination skin, I thought it would get more oily and it would break out. Later, I got completely converted and now my skin is thanking me for applying oils and night moisturisers, so if you too are scared, don’t be. You just have to find the right products for your skin. I use Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Active Night Care and it’s very important for me to have this product in my evening skincare routine especially now when my skin feels more dehydrated.

I can’t believe that I’ve never mentioned Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder (review here) in a monthly favourites because since I got it in May, I haven’t stopped using it. It’s the perfect powder that eliminates the shine but keeps your face looking healthy…plus, it’s from the drugstore!

Nude lip lovers, the last one is for you. At first, I had a bit of a problem with Maybelline ColorSensational in 725 Tantalizing Taupe. When I swatched it in the store, it looked like a browny nude shade but when I got back home and put it on my lips, I got shocked because I witnessed the concealer lips problem. I’m not sure if the lipstick that I got is different or just the light in the store made me think it’s more brown that it really is but seeing bloggers’ reviews and swatches, I have to say that mine still looks lighter than the rest. Anyways, I decided to try applying it in a different way with just light dabbing motions and then top it with Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 06 Rosewood Shimmer (review here). The combination of these two lip products works much better for me.

What were your favourites in the month of October?

Empties #2




Blogging about my garbage again!

Here are just a few items that I’ve used up because I threw many before I realized I could’ve included them in such post…oh, well…

As per usual the majority is hair and body products. I’ve kept only two body wash bottles and they are the Palmolive Milk and Honey and Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena ones. I really liked the Palmolive body wash, it was pretty soft and nourishing. But although I like big bottles of body washes (this one was 500 ml), it wasn’t very convenient in the shower. As to the Dove one, I loved it! I loved the smell, I loved the texture, I think the Go Fresh series is really nice and I actually miss this body wash, I might have to repurchase it soon.

Similar to the body wash topic, I threw all my shampoo containers before writing this post except for one. Excuse me, I will try to be better with it in future. So, the shampoo here is the Herbal Essences Silk ‘n’ Shine (review here) which I’ve used up months ago! I’ve also used up at least 4 more shampoos since then but as mentioned, I can’t include them here.

The conditioner is Norwegian and it’s called Change. I picked it randomly and it wasn’t a bad one but I prefer using masks as conditioner, so I’m not planning on purchasing it again.

I’ve spoken about This Works Really Rich Firming Lotion and Vichy NutriExtra Body Cream  here and here. I really liked them but unfortunately, the first one is discontinued so I can’t repurchase it even if I wanted to and for the moment I don’t need the second one but both are nice body moisturisers.

The last body product is by Clarins and it’s their foot cream. I often forget to hydrate my feet, don’t we all? It’s bad of course, but when I remember to do this step, I loved using the Clarins foot cream.

I also have 3 face products to show you – a lip balm, a daily moisturiser and a clay cleanser.

The lip balm is by Love and Toast in Prickly Pear, it smells amazing but it’s not the best lip balm I’ve tried. I enjoyed using it but I guess I wouldn’t repurchase especially considering the amount of lip balms I have at the moment.

I’m going to miss the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser (review here). It gives such a deep cleansing and leaves your skin purified and soft. It served me well.

Last but not least is my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat moisturiser for oily/combination skin. I think it’s a nice one and it’s better if you use it in the warmer months because it gives you light hydration and mattifies your skin. Love their Effaclar products!

That’s it for this time’s Empties! Will try to accumulate more containers and stop throwing them right after using up the products.

Two Shampoos for Soft Hair



When it comes to hair, everybody wants theirs to be soft and nourished. I’m using up my shampoos super fast as if I’m drinking them (I promise I’m not) so I decided to share with you two shampoos that recently impressed me. Plus, both of them have pumps!

Vichy Dercos Mineral Soft Shampoo for Daily Use has a formula enriched with minerals and it’s alcohol-, paraben-, soap- and silicone-free. It comes clear, smells amazing and it’s very light, something like a gel. It leaves my hair shiny and soft with a wonderful scent that you can smell even on the next day. I was very excited about the pump but for me it’s not so comfortable. It’s not a bad pump, just I have super long and thick hair and I need huge amount of the shampoo. The pump is not distributing very much and I have to press many times until I get the amount I need. If you have shorter hair, though don’t worry.

I’ve been wanting to try something from Björn Axén for a very long time. It’s a Swedish brand, probably the most famous Swedish hair care brand. I got even more interested after reading about their values and goals. The Legacy 1963 is their luxurious hair line: “The Legacy 1963 is made in an uncompromising manner and contains only high-quality, caring ingredients – the perfect balance of essential oils, antioxidants in the form of organic oils from Arctic berries and our own protein complex topped with Bulgarian rose oil, also known as “liquid gold”. The last part made me melt, if you don’t know why, click here!
So I picked the Strengthening Shampoo for fine hair simply because they didn’t have the one for thick hair in the store and I really wanted to try it out. The packaging looked so chic, I absolutely fell in love. Now, this pump is something else! I need just 3-4 pumps for the right amount of creamy product. The shampoo smells of apricots. It’s giving you a deep cleanse. I always wash my hair twice and then apply mask or conditioner. This shampoo makes my hair extremely soft, almost like a baby hair, smells amazing and if the one for fine hair works so good on me, then I don’t even know what the thick hair shampoo would do.

Have you tried any of these shampoos?