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Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream


I’ve been wrongly prescribed an excessive amount of antibiotics this year which resulted in many internal and external issues. My skin has been suffering a lot and I was told by specialists that I’d probably need about six more months to sort it all out.

In order to bring everything back to normal, I’ve been trying to simplify my skincare routine and to incorporate more pharmacy skincare products into it. Most of them are known for me, I’ve used them before and I trust them but I found the Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream randomly. I needed something to calm my irritated skin, to be purifying but to also feel soothing, have anti-bacterial properties and to be suitable to use on both, face and body. I found out that most of the French pharmacy brands had similar products but one of the points was always missing and Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream promised everything I needed.

It has thick consistency but it’s not hard to apply it and a little goes a long way. Feels a bit greasy at first but soaks in well. I use a small amount twice a day, especially if it’s on the face because the thicker texture can make the make-up sit a bit bad on top of it. This cream contains thermal water to soothe, soften and calm the skin and Copper -Zinc Sulphate Complex that is purifying and anti-bacterial.

My skin tends to scar quite easily, I get this post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that can take months to heal but with this cream it starts to fade much quicker (especially if it’s a recent one) while also calming active breakouts. It reduces the redness, as well and stops the itching and burning feeling that sometimes may occur. Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream can also be used on lips, scratches, cracked skin, after hair removal or laser procedures and even on babies with nappy rash.

I use a lot more skincare products than this one, of course but it is an excellent healing cream for me and I can’t recommend it enough. In the past few months, I’ve done many purchases like this as an act of desperation but it’s great that the majority turned out to be successful and hopefully, they would help some of you, as well.

Mixa Anti-Imperfection Series

DSC_0693postSeveral weeks ago, I was on the hunt for a new toner when I noticed that the French pharmacy brand Mixa had a new line released. Mixa is known for their products suitable even for sensitive skin but I never seemed to find anything for myself from them as most of the products were for dry skin.
The new series is called Anti-Imperfection and is made for people with oily/combination and blemish-prone skin.

They had 4 products and I picked up 2 of them, the Alcohol Free Purifying Lotion and the Soapless Purifying Cleansing Gel. I was curious about the DD Cream, as well but there was only one shade which was too dark for me.

Both of the products are paraben-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and with neutral pH.
The lotion and the cleansing gel have similar scents although the lotion smells much stronger and many people find it unpleasant. I might be weird but I love how the lotion smells, it’s clean and fresh.

The Soapless Purifying Cleansing Gel comes with a pump which is great because you can dispense the amount that you need. For me half a pump is enough. The texture is very light, it’s not too foamy, it doesn’t strip my skin and my face feels very soft after cleansing with this product. I haven’t noticed major difference in my skin condition after I started using the cleansing gel but I had a couple of hormonal breakouts and the added Zinc really made them less angry. I don’t remove make-up with this product, I use it only in the mornings and I can’t report how it would perform but I always think it’s better to double-cleanse at night anyways.
It’s a gentle cleanser and I’m happy with it at the moment.

After cleansing my face with the cleansing gel, I use a cotton pad with the Alcohol Free Purfying Lotion all over my face and neck. It removes what’s left from the impurities on the skin and mattifies the skin. That’s actually what surprised me because even if a toning product is said to mattify the skin, it never does it for me but this one actually mattifies my skin. It also leaves it soft and clean without drying it out. Remember that you have to shake the bottle before using the toner. I apply it day and night on cleansed skin and it feels refreshing and soothing.

I really like the combination of these two products at the moment, my skin’s condition is pretty good and I’d like to try the body products from Mixa now.
Have you tried anything from the brand?