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The Moisturiser I Always Go Back To

Some of my favourite day and night creams are from Clinique, I have a favourite for each season but there is one I always go back to no matter what the temperatures outside are. This is my third or fourth pot of the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and I just realised I’ve never done a review on it.

I love the whole Moisture Surge range and I can’t wait to try the new Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate which would probably be perfect to use on a summer holiday.
When seasons change, my skin’s needs change, as well and it can be a bit difficult, considering I’m dealing with combination dehydrated skin that occasionally gets blemishes. At the beginning of the spring, I decided to start using very light moisturisers which were lovely but the level of moisture they provided just wasn’t enough for me. Then I remembered that I’d purchased a new pot of Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief a few months back, so it was time to start using it again.

The texture is of a cream-gel and as with all Clinique moisturisers, I need just a tiny bit to cover my whole face. It doesn’t feel heavy and absorbs quickly although it makes my skin look a bit more dewy than I’d prefer but once I apply my foundation, it somehow sits better than usual and I even think my makeup lasts a bit longer when I use this moisturiser as a base. It feels very nourishing and in a matter of days, the dry patches around my face are gone.
I also use the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief as a multipurpose moisturiser when I travel. The little 30 ml pot is really handy to have in the bag and apply the cream on any dry areas that may appear while travelling.

Just like all Clinique products, this one is fragrance-free and I love that it doesn’t break me out which sometimes happens with more hydrating creams. My skin feels soft and smooth after using the moisturiser, it also looks radiant and fresh and I can use this cream in so many ways – as a multipurpose moisturiser, as a 5-minute mask to just bring back the glow, on top of my regular moisturiser for a boost of hydration in the winter… Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief feels soothing and refreshing and I seem to always go back to it.


KICKS Beauty | Summer 2016

For those of you who aren’t familiar with beauty in Scandinavia, KICKS is a chain of beauty boutiques where you can find mainly high-end brands (in Norway we don’t have Sephora, for example), they also have an online shop and their own range of products. I’ve tried some of their products before, I love their blushes and a few brushes from them, they also have fantastic body products that smell divine. Actually, me and my boyfriend shop there all the time, so I was really excited when they sent over their summer collection for me to test.

I’ve been using the products for a few weeks now but I’ll still wait a bit longer for some of the skincare reviews and will update you on them later. The collection consists of face masks, moisturiser with SPF, primer, foundation, illuminator, contour kit and lip glosses.

All of these products are part of their S.H.A.R.E. initiative where 1 krone from each KICKS product sold goes to Mental Helse Ungdom, an organisation working for better mental health of young people. You can read more about S.H.A.R.E. here.

One of the first products I tried was the Age Defence Turn Back Time Sun Protection SPF 30* that comes in 50 ml tube and costs 169 kr. It has a lovely apple scent to it and feels really hydrating and smoothing. It looks a bit more shiny on my combination skin at first but sits quite nicely underneath make-up. I sometimes use it on top of my regular moisturiser that doesn’t have sun protection and it still works well. It doesn’t leave any white residue and doesn’t feel heavy. I have to say I really enjoy using this cream at the moment, it’s very hot here and I get the protection against sun damage and premature ageing but my skin is nourished, too. Also, a little goes a long way, so you really get a lot at a good price.
Then I’ll apply the KICKS Pore Refining Primer* (30 ml, 159 kr). I can say it keeps the skin matte for a couple of hours and minimises pores but I’m still looking for the best primer out there. The product I’m a huge fan of and I can’t wait to tell you about is the KICKS Flawless Wear Foundation SPF 20 in 02 Light* (28 ml, 229 kr) and that’s also the biggest surprise for me, considering I rarely fall in love with foundations. This product has sheer to medium coverage, it conceals the redness on my cheeks, it’s long-wearing and looks beautiful on the skin. It’s soft and fresh, it’s natural-looking and has a lovely radiant finish without being too shiny even on my oily T-zone. I’m completely in love with this foundation! It doesn’t break me out, the shade is great for me and I’d highly recommend checking it out.
The KICKS Illuminator in Hot Sand* (30 ml, 139 kr) is quite an interesting product, it can be used all over the skin, mixed with foundation or applied just to the high points of the face. However, my favourite way of using this product is by mixing it with my body moisturiser and applying it on my legs or shoulders, for example. It gives a soft glow, feels lightweight and has good lasting power.
The new Lip Fusion glosses feel really moisturising thanks to the Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E in the formula. I have them in my handbags quite often and I just wish they were a bit more pigmented, they look great in the tube but the colour doesn’t really show up on my lips. There are two shades, Candy* and Deliciousand they can be found at the price of 99 kr each.
I’m sad to say that the Contour Kit* (279 kr) must be my least favourite product here but first of all, I’m not the biggest fan of contouring and second, my combination skin doesn’t really get along with cream products. I have to say that there’s a nice mirror inside though. There are 4 shades in this kit, dark shades for shading and defining and lighter shades to sculpt and enhance features. The lightest shade is meant to conceal any flaws and highlight the area under the eyes and that’s the one I can actually use and like, the blush shade looks fresh and pretty but the cream texture just makes the rest of my make-up underneath move a lot and doesn’t look good on me. The two contour shades are a bit too warm for defining, they feel very slippy and I just can’t seem to be able to work with such products.

I’ll be preparing a separate blog post on the face masks* because I’m really impressed with them, so far but I think I need a bit more time to form an informative opinion. The four face masks are suitable for all skin types, there is a mud mask, a moisturising mask, a soothing one and an exfoliating face mask. Keep an eye on the blog because you might find amazing dupes for popular face masks that you love. Plus, all of these masks are travel-friendly, they need only 10 minutes to work and they are really affordable.

Looks like KICKS are having new body products, as well, so I should check them out once I’m back from my holiday but I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised and impressed by most of the products here. Have you tried some of them already?

*PR Samples

A Skincare Duo from Clarins

DSC_1031postAbout a month ago, I added two Clarins products to my skincare routine that were new for me. There are many items from the brand that I like, so I had high hopes for these ones, as well.

I’m a big lover of toners and mists, I use them day and night after cleansing my face. I think they are really refreshing and make my skin feel more clean and ready for the next steps. Clarins Alcohol-Free Toning Lotion with Iris is suggested to be used by people with combination or oily skin but I think you might like it even if your skin is on the drier side. It doesn’t feel stripping, it doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin, at all, it’s just very soothing and mild.
The formula has purifying Iris and Sage extracts, Aloe Vera, Hawthorn and Witch Hazel to tone and balance the skin and to also tighten the pores. Now, my pores don’t appear smaller with this product but I still haven’t found anything to help me with that, unfortunately.
Clarins Alcohol-Free Toning Lotion with Iris has a subtle scent that I personally like and a light green colour. My favourite toner still remains pure rose water but I really enjoy using this one and although, it’s probably not a must-have, it’s actually very good.

I have to say I’m a bit confused about the Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream-Gel. I still see this one on the shelves in Norway along with the recently launched creams which, I believe, have a new formula and new packaging, so I’m not sure if the one that I’m sharing with you today has been discontinued or not.
To me, the one that I have and the new ones smell exactly the same and the scent is nice but a bit too strong for a skincare product, in my opinion. I know many people find it a problem and I can understand why. As to the texture, it’s quite light and sinks into the skin pretty quickly. It feels moisturising without being greasy, however, I’d suggest using a small amount of it, as it can get  a bit heavy if you use more. This cream makes my skin look more radiant and indeed, smoother and plumper. I love that it’s packed with antioxidants but considering it’s in a jar, it’s hard to keep it stable, I guess. The good thing is that the new cream is coming with sun protection, so it should be doing even better anti-ageing job.
I’d probably be getting a sample size of the new one to see the difference and I hope you can tell me more about it if you’ve already tried it.

Have you used any of these products?

December Favourites

Hope you’ve had an amazing Christmas with your loved ones and now you’re ready for last month’s of 2015 favourites!

I did quite a bit of travelling in December and my skin always suffers when I’m away. So, I had to be sure that I have skincare helpers in my beauty bag.
The combination of two products really made the difference and these two products are Maya Water Facial Mist with Organic Acai* and Biotherm Aquasource Cocoon*.
I love facial mists and this is the first facial mist with Norwegian thermal spa water that I’ve tried. It gives an instant boost of hydration and when you apply an oil and/or moisturiser on top, it just locks the moisture. This mini size bottle contains Vitamin A, C and E, Zinc, Iron and the fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 which really provide amazing care for the skin in the winter.
At first, I wasn’t sure if the moisturiser would be good for my combination skin as it’s more appropriate for dry skin. However, the unique balm-in-gel formula is really hydrating without making my face oily. It can be used day and night but I think it’s a great make-up base, as it really smooths out the skin and the foundation applies very well after that.

To keep my hands soft, I’ve been relying on the new Frosted Plum Hand Cream from The Body Shop. My hands tend to bleed in the cold months and this is a very lightweight but really nourishing cream that doesn’t leave a sticky residue and smells gorgeous!

I also have a couple of make-up favourites. Like this affordable but extremely good eye pencil from Essence. The shade is 06 Cocoa Bean and it’s really pigmented while the dark brown looks quite flattering and not so harsh as black, for example. The formula is waterproof and you have some seconds to smudge the liner if you want, after that it sets and doesn’t move during the whole day. Plus, the pencil doesn’t require sharpening because it’s a retractable one.

My favourite lipstick has been one I picked up in Munich at the beginning of the month. It’s from p2 and and their Full Shine Lipstick range. The shade is 080 Tell me a Tale which is a wearable vintage pink one that looks simply gorgeous, the formula is creamy and feels pretty luxurious on the lips. Pity that it’s not available outside Germany.

What have you been loving in the last month of the year?

*PR Samples