Favourite Base Duo at the Moment

Last month has been crazy! I had to travel to several countries with 3 different forms of transport, changing climates, not enough sleep, long trips with less breaks…the list can go on. BUT I had a partner in the battle for good-looking and also good-feeling skin.


I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream for a very long time but unfortunately there aren’t any Bourjois products on the Norwegian market. So, when I planned my trip, I was sure that I would finally get it. I also purchased the 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream and I don’t regret it.







With these two beauties I looked fresh like a cucumber, it felt light but at the same time my skin was protected. Mine are both in shade Ivory. I have to say that it’s the lightest of all 4 shades but honestly it’s not THE lightest that can be in my opinion. I’m not so pale as usually the ones that are using the lightest shades are but hopefully there’s a good shade for everybody.

The 123 Perfect CC Cream contains 3 colour correcting pigments:

– Apricot (anti-fatigue);

– Green (anti-redness);

– White (anti-dark spots)

and also has SPF15. I like that it has some benefits like a skincare product and I can really see the results after a few weeks of using it.

The product is  very light and can spill out of the thin nozzle so be careful. I tried to apply it with different methods but I got the best results after using my fingers or a beauty blender. I can say that the coverage is medium.

I have combination skin so I need to put a primer before applying the CC cream and powder at the end but it’s not supposed to be a mattifying product anyways so just have that in mind if you have oily or combination skin.

The 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream is a good concealer for dark circles and also has medium coverage. It’s not creasing at all which is amazing.

I can say that I’m pretty happy that I purchased these products and I’m sad that I can’t just go to a drugstore here and get them when they’re over, I’ll have to find another way and only hope that one day Bourjois will come to Norway.




My First MAC Lipstick


It may sound strange to most of you but no matter where I was living, we didn’t have any MAC counters. And I wasn’t very keen on purchasing online without seeing how everything actually looked. The only other item that I own from the brand is Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder which my boyfriend got me from Austria I think and I absolutely love it.

Now, here in Norway, we don’t have any MAC counters either but there’s this store that has MAC products online. Being very curious about the famous lipsticks, I decided to risk. I checked out hundreds of reviews and made a list with the shades that looked best for me, then I decided to get a wearable one, kind of nude and at the end my dilemma was between 3-4 shades of the lipsticks.


Probably, I won’t surprise anyone when I say that I picked Patisserie. It’s described as ‘sheer creamy neutral pink’ but it also has peach, brown and some glitter in it. Actually, I didn’t expect that much glitter (the reviews were saying that it’s just a tiny bit, probably even tiny bit for me is much), it’s not bad or something but I avoid putting glitter on my face, I’m just not a fan of glitter. It’s creamy and a little bit glossy, feels very soft one the lips. Of course, it has little staying power since it’s in a lustre finish.

I’m not 100 % sure how I feel about it at the moment, I like it as an everyday lipstick but I don’t think it’s the perfect nude for me. However, I’m curious about other MAC shades of their lipsticks.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 01 Personne Ne Rouge



One of the brands that I wanted to get products from during my long May trip was Bourjois since we don’t have Bourjois here in Norway. As you know, everybody is talking about their Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks so I had to get my hands on them.

Here I’m gonna be sharing my thoughts on the shade Personne ne rouge which is a classic red one.


First of all, I love red lipsticks…but just on other people. Honestly, I can’t see myself with a bright lip very often, not sure if I’m scared or what but I think everybody but me looks perfect with a bright lip colour. However, I loved this shade when I swatched it and decided to get it. It really is amazing, the pigmentation is very intense, the formula is very creamy so it’s easy to apply, glides on smoothly and dries to a matte finish. It lasts pretty long time on the lips (no need for touch-ups!) and leaves a stain, it’s actually a pretty tough job for the makeup removers to remove it even after 8 hours. Still think that it looks better with two coats, though cause if you apply only one layer it’s quite sheer and then with one more everything comes to its place. I love how my lips feel smooth and soft with it.

The only thing that I don’t like is the scent which is a little bit artificial and strange but you smell it only for a short period of time during applying the product.

The drugstores that I was at, didn’t have all the shades, every drugstore was having different ones so I never got to see them all together but my opinion is that the bright shades were the best ones from the series.

And I’m so sad that I can’t find brands like Bourjois here in Norway, they have such nice products but it’s impossible for me to purchase them from here. Please, Bourjois, make it easier for us!







May Favourites

I’ve been travelling here and there for more than 20 days in May, so the key word for the month was saviours! I was changing climates and it was a big challenge for my eyes, hair and skin.


First of my saviours is a non-beauty favourite and it’s the Artelac Splash eye drops. I wear contact lenses so it can be pretty tough when you don’t have the opportunity to switch to glasses and you’re still with lenses after 10-11 hours. My eyes get dry and red, it’s painful and not nice. But with these eye drops I felt much better, they’re soothing and I chose the unit of on the go dose ampules which is perfect and more hygienic.

On to hair. Thanks to John Frieda’s Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque my hair stayed nourished and pretty.

For nail polish I’ve been mostly using KIKO nail lacquer in 314 Cyclamen. Springy and vivid colour that is perfect for the warm and sunny days.

My lips have been loving the Rimmel Apocalips Lacquer in 201 Solstice. At first, it looked a bit too dark for me but it’s actually a very nice shade to use every day, the formula is very creamy, it’s non-sticky, pretty moisturising and has just a little bit of a glossy effect. I think this is the perfect shade because it’s a wearable pinky one and the rest of the series are either too pale or too bright for my taste. Unfortunately, Rimmel is not on the Norwegian market and I’m so sad about that because I have to buy tons of their products when I travel to other countries.

L’Occitane has been taking care of my skin as usual and my Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid is sadly going to be over soon. If you have combination or oily skin, check this product out. It gives your skin hydration, it mattifies it for hours and it’s protecting it from free radicals. One word: Amazing!

My mini Ultra Rich Body Cream also from L’Occitane kept my body skin nourished and protected. It’s a very rich and thick cream but it absorbs instantly into skin and leaves it soft.

What a busy May that was…




Back in Norway: Herbal Essences Silk ‘n’ Shine Shampoo



 So, Herbal Essences are back! It seems that they disappear from time to time in the different countries, any ideas why?

I’ve used Herbal Essences years ago, actually at the very beginning they started to be present on the European market and I loved them then.

After that they disappeared, then appeared again in different packaging which actually made me not want to get them, then I moved to Norway and a month or so ago I saw a big Nicole image preparing us for the shampoos’ and conditioners’ return. Who doesn’t like Nicole, right?

However, I find two things negative: 1) The price is a lot higher than the usual in the rest of the world which isn’t a surprise for those who live in Norway (everything here is more expensive) and 2) There are only two types of the shampoos/conditioners here.

I picked up the Silk ‘n’ Shine shampoo which I like from the past and I loved it again. I also like the packaging very much, it’s back to the old look. The formula contains rose hips, jojoba extracts and vitamin E, there are no silicons and it’s suitable for all hair types.

The scent is flowery and really nice, at the end your hair is shiny and soft. I like that this shampoo leaves my hair really clean, I don’t know if it makes sense but just some shampoos make your hair feel extremely clean. If you’ve tried the REN Oat and Bay Conditioning Shampoo (pity that I can’t find it in Norway) for example, you know what I mean.

I would return to Herbal Essences Silk ‘n’ Shine shampoo although I’m using a different one at the moment, it’s a very nice product and I recommend trying it if you haven’t already.

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