Haul: Burt’s Bees 30th Birthday!

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Last month Burt’s Bees celebrated their 30th birthday! I’m sure everybody knows Burt’s Bees and especially their lip balms but basically it’s a skincare brand that is not testing on animals, their products are natural and just wonderful.

Usually, when you have a birthday, you receive presents but Burt’s Bees Norway decided to give presents to the others! They organised an Instagram contest and I was one of the lucky winners. The prize was a box filled with their classics.

I was very excited because I genuinely love the brand, I’ve tried many of their products but there are also some items that I’ll be trying for the first time. I have to say that the box was so cute and wrapped with care, there was a hand-written personal message, candies, a balloon and it was simply amazing. A real birthday present!

Now to the products inside the box.
There is the well-know Beeswax Lip Balm and I’m pretty sure I have at least 5 in the different scents and formulas, this one here is the original one. Pocket-friendly, perfect for all year round but especially in the winter, one of my all-time favourite lip balms.

I’m pretty curious about the Res-Q Ointment because it’s a remedy for bumps, bruises, insect bites and all kinds of minor injuries. I’ve heard a lot about it but never tried it.

I found two hand products in the box – the Hand Salve and the Almond and Milk Hand Cream.

I’ve been using the Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream for a very long time and I’ve actually included it in my first ever post on this blog, that’s how much I love it.

Last but not least is the Coconut Foot Cream which I haven’t tried before and sure I’ll get good use of it in the colder months.

Thank you for the lovely prize Burt’s Bees Norway!


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Confident



Chanel has a Fall 2014 Collection called États Poétiques with several new products added to different series. For the Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks it means 4 new shades – Intime (93), Confident (94), Viva (95) and Aura (96).

I have the shade Confident which is a really beautiful one and I’m not sure if the swatch is doing justice to the shade but I will try to describe it better with words.

The packaging is the same as for the other Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks in the typical for the brand chic and sleek forms, really pretty and luxurious.


At first Confident looks pretty violet and intense in the bullet but in fact it’s a quite sheer, rosy brown with just a little bit of shine shade. The formula is buttery and hydrating. It reminds me of a tinted lip balm adding a little bit of colour to your lips but also feeling moisturising.
This dusty rose shade has no shimmer in it (win!), looks sophisticated and elegant and gives my lips a little bit deeper than the natural colour. Has exactly the ”water-light feel” that is described on the tiny box.
I was surprised by the lasting power because usually this type of lip products stay less than an hour on my lips. This one though lasts for about 2-3 hours and I think it’s pretty good.

For me this is the perfect autumn lipstick and I’m completely in love with it! The best thing is the fact that is wearable and I feel like if you splurge on a product like this, it’s better if you can wear it almost every day.
I recommend you treat yourself with something special and get this little gem.

Do you have favourite Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks?

Empties #2




Blogging about my garbage again!

Here are just a few items that I’ve used up because I threw many before I realized I could’ve included them in such post…oh, well…

As per usual the majority is hair and body products. I’ve kept only two body wash bottles and they are the Palmolive Milk and Honey and Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena ones. I really liked the Palmolive body wash, it was pretty soft and nourishing. But although I like big bottles of body washes (this one was 500 ml), it wasn’t very convenient in the shower. As to the Dove one, I loved it! I loved the smell, I loved the texture, I think the Go Fresh series is really nice and I actually miss this body wash, I might have to repurchase it soon.

Similar to the body wash topic, I threw all my shampoo containers before writing this post except for one. Excuse me, I will try to be better with it in future. So, the shampoo here is the Herbal Essences Silk ‘n’ Shine (review here) which I’ve used up months ago! I’ve also used up at least 4 more shampoos since then but as mentioned, I can’t include them here.

The conditioner is Norwegian and it’s called Change. I picked it randomly and it wasn’t a bad one but I prefer using masks as conditioner, so I’m not planning on purchasing it again.

I’ve spoken about This Works Really Rich Firming Lotion and Vichy NutriExtra Body Cream  here and here. I really liked them but unfortunately, the first one is discontinued so I can’t repurchase it even if I wanted to and for the moment I don’t need the second one but both are nice body moisturisers.

The last body product is by Clarins and it’s their foot cream. I often forget to hydrate my feet, don’t we all? It’s bad of course, but when I remember to do this step, I loved using the Clarins foot cream.

I also have 3 face products to show you – a lip balm, a daily moisturiser and a clay cleanser.

The lip balm is by Love and Toast in Prickly Pear, it smells amazing but it’s not the best lip balm I’ve tried. I enjoyed using it but I guess I wouldn’t repurchase especially considering the amount of lip balms I have at the moment.

I’m going to miss the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser (review here). It gives such a deep cleansing and leaves your skin purified and soft. It served me well.

Last but not least is my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat moisturiser for oily/combination skin. I think it’s a nice one and it’s better if you use it in the warmer months because it gives you light hydration and mattifies your skin. Love their Effaclar products!

That’s it for this time’s Empties! Will try to accumulate more containers and stop throwing them right after using up the products.

3 Products That Helped me During our Moving



If you have seen my Sunday post, you already know that me and my better half moved flats which was crazy.

Basically, I was really stressed, we had to wake up early, work all day and go to bed pretty late. That caused even darker under eye circles, dull skin and me feeling tired and scared of looking myself in the mirror (I’m usually scared but this time was even worse!). This whole thing continued for about two weeks. I don’t have to say that I didn’t have any time or will to put makeup on in the early mornings but I didn’t want my new neighbours to think a guy accompanied by a zombie is moving in near them. I had to do at least something minimal to bring back the colour on my face.

This is probably the quickest ”routine” with the tiniest number of products involved. I used only 3 items after cleansing and moisturising my face!

The first one was the Ultra Matte Fluid by L’Occitane which I’ve mentioned thousands of times before. There is nothing better than this if you have oily or combination skin and you don’t want to blot every 30 minutes. It’s a wonderful base that keeps you shine-free.

On top I used only concealer and no foundation, it instantly made me look more awake and helped me hiding what had to be hidden. The one at the moment is the Rimmel Wake me up concealer.

The last product I used was the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder because it’s just the best and you can see my review on it here. It sets my concealer, doesn’t make my face look cakey, gives me healthy look and decent coverage which kind of replaces tinted moisturiser or BB/CC cream.

That’s all I used during our moving and I have to say that it wasn’t so bad although including mascara would have been much better. Of course, when I had the chance, I was applying lip balm.

Have you had such stressful time and what products you relied on?

We Have Moved!

The last couple of months have been quite busy and stressful for me and my boyfriend but we finally have a new home and each day I like it more and more.

I’m trying to make the place look more cosy and warm but we definitely need more time to complete our ideas. Here I’m showing you just a few  favourite spots for the moment.

Starting off with the kitchen because I spend a lot of time there, it’s my favourite place, I love cooking but even if I’m not cooking, I just feel good being there. I’m a fan of rustic kitchen types but here it seems this is the hardest thing to find (not that I don’t like Scandinavian style but I just prefer it warmer looking), so I’m trying to make it seem closer to what I like by adding small items.

Herbs and flowers have big part in my heart and I’m really happy that now we have a balcony which can welcome our outdoor plants.

Keep your fingers crossed for us because there is still a lot work to be done!

Tiny corner in the kitchen
Tiny corner in the kitchen
Another corner - with herbs and amaretto that I mainly use for cooking :-)
Another corner – basket with herbs and spices and amaretto which I mainly use for cooking :-)
Love our homegrown herbs


The Lovely Little Bits