August Favourites




End of the month, end of summer (not that we feel the summer so much here in Norway but still…) so it’s time to get ready for September and check out the August favourites.

Starting with hair because I absolutely adore the Björn Axén Strengthening Shampoo for fine hair although mine is not fine at all. It’s fresh, smells of apricots, makes my hair soft and shiny. More about it here.

I love body products and if they’re travel size, I’m immediately interested. This Works Really Rich Firming Lotion is super hydrating, leaves your skin nourished and toned and smells of herbs. I got it last year when I was in London and somehow it remained in my bathroom without being opened, so when I finally started using it, I felt very sad when I learned that it has already been discontinued.

I have two favourite nail products this month. First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate this wonderful nail treatment that OPI Nail Envy for Dry & Brittle Nails is. In my post I said that it changed my nails but that probably needed a bit more time to see the real difference and I was right. After more than a month of using it, I can share with you that my nails are completely transformed and as healthy as in the times was wearing no nail polish (years ago!).
Speaking of nail polish, Knickerbocker Glory from Ciaté London and their Beach House collection (review here) is adorable – fresh, bright and having a great formula, what more could you want?

A lipstick probably…
It took me about two months to really start liking MAC Pattiserie (review here). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it but when so many people are raving so much about a product, my expectations get really high. I still don’t think it’s the perfect nude for me and I still would’ve liked it more if it didn’t have so much shimmer but I’ve been wearing it a lot in August. It completes the natural look that I’m always going for.

Have a wonderful September!


Mixed Feelings


I love Rimmel and their products and feel sad that I can’t find anything from them here in Norway so when I saw the Fix and Perfect Pro Primer 002 during my trip some time ago, I had to take it.

It has thick consistency, smells a little bit like a soap which is a problem for many people but for me, personally it’s ok, you don’t feel it after putting on the rest of your make-up anyways. It needs a minute or two to fully absorb.

I had high hopes for it because of the word ”mattifies”, yes, combination skin problems. And probably that’s mostly why I got a bit disappointed and I’m having mixed feelings about this primer. What it claims is:

Foundation glides on more smoothly, more evenly and wears longer. Or wear alone for an all-day fresh and even complexion.

  • Smoothes to minimize pores
  • Resurfaces for an even complexion
  • Brightens skin all day
  • Mattifies and eliminates shine
  • Protects skin from environmental aggressors

First of all, it does prime! I have enlarged pores and so far, I haven’t found a solution but this primer is kinda helping me to have smoother skin.
As to resurfacing the skin, I’m not sure exactly how a primer can resurface your skin.
Next point is brightening the skin which the primer does, my skin looks better, brighter and glowing.
What I’m looking for in a primer is to make my skin smooth and mattified. I know that I can’t find a drugstore alternative for my all-time favourite Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid by L’Occitane  but when the packaging claims that the product would mattify your skin, then it’s normal for me to expect that. And this primer doesn’t mattify your skin. After you apply it and wait for a couple of minutes to absorb, it really looks like your skin is mattified but less than 30 minutes later, the shine is back. Many people say that it doesn’t look dewy either but for me it absolutely does. When something looks dewy on other people, it looks oily on me. I have to blot many times during the day to eliminate the shine.
I don’t hate this product but it definitely didn’t do for me what I was expecting. However, I suppose it would be a better choice for the upcoming winter months because it feels hydrating.

Have you tried the primer on oily/combination skin and what are your thoughts?

Moisturiser for Dry Skin on my Combination Skin?!


I know it might seem weird but sometimes I use moisturisers for dry skin on my combination skin face. It’s actually ok if you use it on the right zones.

A couple of months ago I switched my daily moisturiser to a mattifying one. I love it but I noticed that my cheeks needed more hydration. Then I remembered that I had this cream in my stash but never got to use it because it’s made for dry skin. It’s the Decleor Hydra Floral ”Flower nectar” moisturising cream. I’ve seen many nice comments about Decleor’s products, my mom is using some of them too and I probably got this one out of curiosity but since it wasn’t suitable for my skin type (there was nothing saying it’s for dry skin, I learned it later), it just remained somewhere in the bathroom.

Excuse me that I’m not able to tell you if just the packaging of this one is changed or the formula is different but now they have another one, a light version of the product that is suitable for every skin type including oily skin types.

What is important to know is that this cream has natural ingredients, hydrates your skin and also, the plant extracts protect it from pollution. It’s on the pricey side but you need just a small amount of the product, feels luxurious on the skin and makes my cheeks and neck really soft, actually, softer than ever! Smells of flowers which I, personally, like.

I know that I’ll be reaching for this cream even more in the autumn and winter months that are slowly approaching.

Have you tried any Decleor products?

Two Shampoos for Soft Hair



When it comes to hair, everybody wants theirs to be soft and nourished. I’m using up my shampoos super fast as if I’m drinking them (I promise I’m not) so I decided to share with you two shampoos that recently impressed me. Plus, both of them have pumps!

Vichy Dercos Mineral Soft Shampoo for Daily Use has a formula enriched with minerals and it’s alcohol-, paraben-, soap- and silicone-free. It comes clear, smells amazing and it’s very light, something like a gel. It leaves my hair shiny and soft with a wonderful scent that you can smell even on the next day. I was very excited about the pump but for me it’s not so comfortable. It’s not a bad pump, just I have super long and thick hair and I need huge amount of the shampoo. The pump is not distributing very much and I have to press many times until I get the amount I need. If you have shorter hair, though don’t worry.

I’ve been wanting to try something from Björn Axén for a very long time. It’s a Swedish brand, probably the most famous Swedish hair care brand. I got even more interested after reading about their values and goals. The Legacy 1963 is their luxurious hair line: “The Legacy 1963 is made in an uncompromising manner and contains only high-quality, caring ingredients – the perfect balance of essential oils, antioxidants in the form of organic oils from Arctic berries and our own protein complex topped with Bulgarian rose oil, also known as “liquid gold”. The last part made me melt, if you don’t know why, click here!
So I picked the Strengthening Shampoo for fine hair simply because they didn’t have the one for thick hair in the store and I really wanted to try it out. The packaging looked so chic, I absolutely fell in love. Now, this pump is something else! I need just 3-4 pumps for the right amount of creamy product. The shampoo smells of apricots. It’s giving you a deep cleanse. I always wash my hair twice and then apply mask or conditioner. This shampoo makes my hair extremely soft, almost like a baby hair, smells amazing and if the one for fine hair works so good on me, then I don’t even know what the thick hair shampoo would do.

Have you tried any of these shampoos?

Because Summer is Still Here





Ciaté London will be releasing their new autumn collection in September but summer is still here so let’s have a look at their Beach House Collection!

The packaging is extremely cute as always and the set contains five mini shades of nail polishes.

Pepperminty is obviously the mint shade, Knickerbocker Glory is the bright pink shade, Hopscotch is the orange shade, Amazing Gracie is the nude one and Party shoes – the sparkly one.

I applied three coats of each to have the final result, some of them didn’t need more than two though!

Will share a few words about all of them starting from the shade on my pinky going down to my thumb.

Pepperminty looks amazing and fresh, didn’t have problem applying it but needs three coats for a smooth look.

It’s best if you use Party shoes as a top coat but I just wanted to show how it looks on its own, it’s really pretty but as per usual I’m struggling a lot with removing glitter nail polishes.

The vibrant orange Hopscotch needed just two coats for me, it was super easy to apply and looks beautiful.

My absolute favourite is Knickebocker Glory! For me it’s a strawberry red which is something that I was missing in my nail polish collection. Goes opaque in one coat! It’s just a dream to apply it and it’s fabulous! (How many exclamation marks can I put in a nail polish description?)

I don’t want to finish in a negative way but I have to say that Amazing Gracie is my least favourite when it comes to application. I’m a huge fan of nude nail polishes but this one is just a bit too streaky. I’m not going to lie and I will say that I had to remove it a couple of times and try applying it again before I took the picture. However, if you apply three very thin layers, it will look beautiful and sophisticated.

I think all the five shades look really pretty, the difference comes with the application and Knickerbocker Glory is my winner.

Have you tried this collection?


The Lovely Little Bits