Empties #2




Blogging about my garbage again!

Here are just a few items that I’ve used up because I threw many before I realized I could’ve included them in such post…oh, well…

As per usual the majority is hair and body products. I’ve kept only two body wash bottles and they are the Palmolive Milk and Honey and Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena ones. I really liked the Palmolive body wash, it was pretty soft and nourishing. But although I like big bottles of body washes (this one was 500 ml), it wasn’t very convenient in the shower. As to the Dove one, I loved it! I loved the smell, I loved the texture, I think the Go Fresh series is really nice and I actually miss this body wash, I might have to repurchase it soon.

Similar to the body wash topic, I threw all my shampoo containers before writing this post except for one. Excuse me, I will try to be better with it in future. So, the shampoo here is the Herbal Essences Silk ‘n’ Shine (review here) which I’ve used up months ago! I’ve also used up at least 4 more shampoos since then but as mentioned, I can’t include them here.

The conditioner is Norwegian and it’s called Change. I picked it randomly and it wasn’t a bad one but I prefer using masks as conditioner, so I’m not planning on purchasing it again.

I’ve spoken about This Works Really Rich Firming Lotion and Vichy NutriExtra Body Cream  here and here. I really liked them but unfortunately, the first one is discontinued so I can’t repurchase it even if I wanted to and for the moment I don’t need the second one but both are nice body moisturisers.

The last body product is by Clarins and it’s their foot cream. I often forget to hydrate my feet, don’t we all? It’s bad of course, but when I remember to do this step, I loved using the Clarins foot cream.

I also have 3 face products to show you – a lip balm, a daily moisturiser and a clay cleanser.

The lip balm is by Love and Toast in Prickly Pear, it smells amazing but it’s not the best lip balm I’ve tried. I enjoyed using it but I guess I wouldn’t repurchase especially considering the amount of lip balms I have at the moment.

I’m going to miss the Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser (review here). It gives such a deep cleansing and leaves your skin purified and soft. It served me well.

Last but not least is my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat moisturiser for oily/combination skin. I think it’s a nice one and it’s better if you use it in the warmer months because it gives you light hydration and mattifies your skin. Love their Effaclar products!

That’s it for this time’s Empties! Will try to accumulate more containers and stop throwing them right after using up the products.


3 Products That Helped me During our Moving



If you have seen my Sunday post, you already know that me and my better half moved flats which was crazy.

Basically, I was really stressed, we had to wake up early, work all day and go to bed pretty late. That caused even darker under eye circles, dull skin and me feeling tired and scared of looking myself in the mirror (I’m usually scared but this time was even worse!). This whole thing continued for about two weeks. I don’t have to say that I didn’t have any time or will to put makeup on in the early mornings but I didn’t want my new neighbours to think a guy accompanied by a zombie is moving in near them. I had to do at least something minimal to bring back the colour on my face.

This is probably the quickest ”routine” with the tiniest number of products involved. I used only 3 items after cleansing and moisturising my face!

The first one was the Ultra Matte Fluid by L’Occitane which I’ve mentioned thousands of times before. There is nothing better than this if you have oily or combination skin and you don’t want to blot every 30 minutes. It’s a wonderful base that keeps you shine-free.

On top I used only concealer and no foundation, it instantly made me look more awake and helped me hiding what had to be hidden. The one at the moment is the Rimmel Wake me up concealer.

The last product I used was the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder because it’s just the best and you can see my review on it here. It sets my concealer, doesn’t make my face look cakey, gives me healthy look and decent coverage which kind of replaces tinted moisturiser or BB/CC cream.

That’s all I used during our moving and I have to say that it wasn’t so bad although including mascara would have been much better. Of course, when I had the chance, I was applying lip balm.

Have you had such stressful time and what products you relied on?

We Have Moved!

The last couple of months have been quite busy and stressful for me and my boyfriend but we finally have a new home and each day I like it more and more.

I’m trying to make the place look more cosy and warm but we definitely need more time to complete our ideas. Here I’m showing you just a few  favourite spots for the moment.

Starting off with the kitchen because I spend a lot of time there, it’s my favourite place, I love cooking but even if I’m not cooking, I just feel good being there. I’m a fan of rustic kitchen types but here it seems this is the hardest thing to find (not that I don’t like Scandinavian style but I just prefer it warmer looking), so I’m trying to make it seem closer to what I like by adding small items.

Herbs and flowers have big part in my heart and I’m really happy that now we have a balcony which can welcome our outdoor plants.

Keep your fingers crossed for us because there is still a lot work to be done!

Tiny corner in the kitchen
Tiny corner in the kitchen
Another corner - with herbs and amaretto that I mainly use for cooking :-)
Another corner – basket with herbs and spices and amaretto which I mainly use for cooking :-)
Love our homegrown herbs


September Favourites




So, October arrived along with the fall. Let’s have a look at what I’ve been loving in the month of September!

Will start with a skincare product because it’s what was keeping my skin in a good condition and it’s the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. You can see that I’ve done a full review on it and how happy I am that it works well with my combination skin. The only thing that I might change is start using it more often and not just once a week. Lovely product!

Is it going to be me without including a lip balm favourite? The Burt’s Bees Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Açaí berry has Vitamins A, C, D and E, antioxidants and omega oils. It’s probably my 5th or 6th lip balm by Burt’s Bees but I just love them – they’re travel friendly, they keep your lips moisturised and they smell amazing (however, I think that Mango Butter is still my all-time favourite from them).

I don’t wear eye shadows that often but when I got the KIKO Eye Base Primer I knew that I would try to use it under my eyes as well. I suffer from really dark under eye circles and my makeup routine involves quite a bit of concealing and brightening. This eye primer has a thick consistency but it’s very soft, almost like a mousse and is in a nude shade which leaves you with a very pretty base. It’s almost like a concealer but not with such coverage. The eye shadows (and the concealer under my eyes) last pretty long without creasing when I’m using this primer underneath. I think you get a really good quality product for the price, I was actually surprised.

Weather is getting colder and colder and we need more hydration and nourishing. I love body oils, so when I was at my local Kicks store (Kicks is a chain in Norway, Sweden and Finland that offers high-end products as well as some drugstore ones) I noticed that they had new products from their own brand and decided to pick the Skin Treat Pure Natural Oils Body Oil Spray which contains Fairtrade ingredients. It has macadamia oil, apricot kernal oil and olive oil and this combination brings such a divine scent! It leaves a soft feeling on your skin, it’s almost warming and I really like it. Plus, absorbs really quickly because it’s a ”dry” oil.

Last but not least, the second consecutive time that I’m including a Ciaté London nail polish from their Beach House collection (review here) in my monthly favourites. After the gorgeous bright pink Knickerbocker Glory in August, now I’ve been loving Amazing Gracie – such a pretty nude. And although it’s my least favourite from the bunch when it comes to application, I’m absolutely in love with the shade.

What have you been loving in September?

First Autumn Nails


When one day my boyfriend got back home after work several months ago bringing me two Essie nail polishes that he decided to pick for me, I immediately noticed the darker one. I fell in love with it even without swatching it and I couldn’t wait for autumn to come so that I can apply the colour on my nails.

And here we are at the end of September and I’m finally painting my nails in this gorgeous shade!

”Damsel in a Dress” is not a new addition to the Essie range but it’s so pretty that I had to write about it. It’s not the usual purple shade, it’s deep, for me it’s sophisticated and not actually vampy. Love wearing it with my favourite oversized sweater, the combination of them makes me feel cosy. Depending on the light, it can remind me of red wine and dark grapes. Has just a tiny bit of warm purple shimmer.

It needs two coats for me to get full coverage. It’s pigmented and I’m really clumsy when it comes to darker shades, I usually end up painting my whole fingers but this one goes so smoothly and the consistency is a dream – not too thick but not thin either. Now, I’m not the best person to say how long it lasts on the nails because I usually have to remove my nail polish after a couple of days but ”Damsel in a Dress” definitely doesn’t chip so easily.

Do you have this nail polish in your collection and which are you favourite autumn colours?

The Lovely Little Bits