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Not for Me #3

I haven’t done a blog post with disappointing products for over a year which means I’m quite careful with what I purchase and use. But sometimes beauty regrets happen and I wanted to share my recent ones with you.

Beauty Formulas is a brand I don’t usually see people talk about but there are products from them that I really like. It is no secret by now that I’m not the biggest fan of wet wipes but I always carry a pack with me when I travel. I saw these affordable Australian Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes that claim to “remove excess oil, dirt and makeup” and because I like using skincare products with Tea Tree Oil in their formula, I picked them up. The wipes are not too wet which isn’t a problem, considering I’ve used almost dry ones (oil-infused) that removed makeup really well, the scent is medicinal and people who don’t like Tea Tree smell wouldn’t love it, I personally don’t mind it. The towelettes feel refreshing indeed and that’s it. They don’t remove makeup and I was really surprised by that. I expected them to not take off mascara properly, for example but my foundation is still on my face after using the wipes, as well. If you’re looking for refreshing wet wipes for your face, maybe you will like these but if you need them to remove makeup, you will be disappointed. I’ve heard their Argan Oil ones are very good, so perhaps I need to try those instead.

I forgot that I still had this Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Refreshing Jelly Moisturiser, I already mentioned before that I didn’t like it but then I decided to give it another try. Sadly, the results were the same, it didn’t mattify my skin, I got many blackheads after using it and it’s not even that moisturising. I’ll stick to the face wash from the same range, it’s quite refreshing and non-drying.

It wouldn’t be a lie if I say that the past year has been the hardest one in my life, so far. I won’t go into details but it’s been terrible and one day I saw a large patch of grey hair on my head. Honestly, I don’t know if it all appeared by once or not because I just didn’t have the time and didn’t even come to the idea of seeing myself and how my hair looked back then. But I already take good care of my hair, I think and one more step like colouring added to the routine, still seems hard to me. So when I saw this L’Oréal Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer in Dark Brown, I had to try it. I love L’Oréal hair masks and many hair products from their professional range and I had high hopes for this one. Basically, you shake the bottle, hold it about 10 cm away from the hair and lightly spray the roots. Then you allow it to dry, it’s suggested to wait a minute and grey hair should be covered. First of all, I find it hard to use because of the thin nozzle that sprays such a strong flow and I just can’t control where I’m applying the product. Also, it doesn’t feel cold like a dry shampoo, it’s actually freezing. I’m not sure about the colours either, my hair is pretty dark but Dark Brown looks almost black on me. The worst part for me is that it never dries and makes my hair greasy and sticky, the colour transfers onto clothes and hands even hours after application, so if you have any recommendations for a similar product, please leave them here!


Not for Me #2

DSC_0868post DSC_0873post
We all make lists of products we would like to purchase just because we read so many positive reviews on them. Sadly, sometimes they don’t work out so well for us. That’s the case with this edition of Disappointing products. I’ve heard so much about these items and had high hopes but unfortunately, they’re just not for me.

The most hyped up product out of the three is without a doubt the Eveline 8 in 1 Total Action Intensive Nail Conditioner. I’ve read dozens of reviews about how amazing it is, how it does wonders to the nails although it’s super cheap. I knew that I can’t replace my beloved OPI Nail Envy (review here) with this one but I was expecting at least a little improvement in my nail condition. This product did absolutely nothing for my nails after weeks and weeks of application. Something more, when I was applying it, the feeling was as if the conditioner was going under my nails and was burning my skin every single time. I don’t know how so many girls never experienced this but I don’t think I will be trying this product again anytime soon.

I’m still quite bad at doing my eyeliner and I’m always on the hunt for a newbie-friendly liquid eyeliner. That’s how I’ve come across the Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen. It was recommended by many girls, I love Essence products and indeed the formula of this eyeliner is pretty black which is great. However, the very tip of the liner gets dry so quickly that it makes it impossible to use it to make a fine line. After the third time, it felt like there was no product in the pen. It also smudges a bit throughout the day, so I wouldn’t rely on it. I’ve heard a lot about the Essence eyeliners but maybe I should try a waterproof one, what do you think?

The last product for today isn’t such a huge regret because I’ve seen so many bad dry shampoos that one more isn’t the end of the world. It’s also quite cheap, so I would have expected it but on to the product. I’m talking about the Balea Dry Shampoo and if you’re looking for a budget dry shampoo, I wouldn’t recommend this one. It’s pretty chalky but doesn’t do anything to keep the hair fresh, it actually makes it feel sticky and greasy looking.

These are a few products that didn’t live up to my expectations in the past couple of months. Do you have any recent beauty regrets?

Not for Me

IMG_3467post IMG_3470post IMG_3472post IMG_3473postI have never done a Disappointing products post so far, just because I’m careful with my purchases and I rarely regret making them. However, everybody has moments of random buys or hearing positive reviews but the product didn’t work for them.

First of all, I’d like to say that I can’t guarantee that a product that I like, would be good for you exactly how I can’t say that what I dislike, won’t work for you. We all have different skin types and preferences, so have that in mind.

I’m most likely to make a mistake with dry shampoos because I always try new ones. The Boots Paradise Island Dry Shampoo isn’t my first disappointment with such type of product. I’ve mentioned in my London Beauty Haul post that I don’t even remember throwing this one in my shopping basket and I still don’t know how I got it. I dislike the scent and the effect after I use the product. It smells so artificial and sweet of coconut that it’s unbearable. It also makes my hair feel sticky and doesn’t do anything to refresh it.

Next one is a CC Cream by Oriflame and it’s their Even Out CC Face Cream with SPF 20. I like that it has SPF, it makes the skin look smoother but it’s so dark and I have the lightest shade! Not sure if it has something to do with the trend in Scandinavia (Oriflame is a Swedish brand for those of you who didn’t know) girls to use a base 2-3 shades darker than their actual skin tone but it looks orange and dark and if this is the lightest shade, can’t imagine what would be with the other ones.

One day I saw a cute packaging and I needed a body scrub anyway, so I picked up the Kicks Body Scrub in Rhubarb and Strawberry. Everything looked so promising that once I got back home, I immediately jumped in the shower to try it. The cap was sealed, so I couldn’t smell it in the store…smart move. The smell is so plastic-y and unpleasant that I can’t even describe it. The product itself isn’t impressive either, it has too small particles, it actually foams up like a body wash rather than being an exfoliant and just doesn’t do anything for my skin.

Last but not least are two products that I really wanted to like, they’re both nail polishes, one is from Topshop and the other one is from Catrice. On the nails they look nothing like in the bottles. I normally like Topshop nail polishes but maybe the problem is that this one is from their Matte Nails range. Same with Catrice, it’s from their new Luxury Nudes line and it’s described as a Soft Matt. The shades are Sixteen Candles (Topshop) and 08 Little Dose of Rose (Catrice) and both of them look as if I’ve applied one of those paper correction fluids on my nails. In the bottles they look really pretty, the Topshop one seems to be a soft lavender shade and the Catrice one looks like a gentle pink with a bit of shimmer. In reality, they both look Barbie pink and it’s really intense and too much in your face.
The nail polishes are actually my biggest regret because my expectations were too high.

Have you been disappointed by a beauty product lately?