November Favourites

I feel like now it’s finally acceptable to talk about the festive season or at least about Christmas decoration, advent calendars and plans for the holiday menu. I love baking and I adore doing it at this time of the year because the scent that lingers around the kitchen is just one of a kind. It’s hard for me to control myself with the amount of food I cook and bake around the holidays and it gets even more tough knowing that this year, it’s only me and my boyfriend and eating all I’m planning on making, is kind of impossible. But don’t worry, we don’t throw away food, so I’ll have to narrow down my list.
However, something that is happening much sooner is opening the advent calendars and the child in me is  really excited (not that I had more than a small chocolate calendar when I was little but it was still an amazing feeling) to see what’s behind each door.
But before this, I’d like to share some of my most-loved beauty bits in November.

A few days ago, Dr. Sam Bunting announced her second launch from her skincare range, a moisturiser. And while I still haven’t tried it, I wanted to mention the product that started her new adventure, the Flawless Cleanser. I’ve been following Dr. Sam’s advice for a long time and I know I can always trust her because it just sounds like she talks to me and about me and my skin and I really get results when I follow her tips. Her cleanser is everything you would want from a cleanser. It comes in a pump bottle that is really simple and easy to use, the product inside is a jelly, feels great on the skin and it’s even soothing. It’s fragrance-free, removes impurities, makeup and sunscreen, doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t leave a residue. I like that it’s a non-foaming cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin and even sensitive and blemish-prone skins can use it.

In a recent Instagram post I shared a bit more about the new Scandinavian skincare line from Dr. Ankerstjerne and I said that their Superfood Multipurpose Vitamin Face Gel* is the absolute star of the range for me. I use the gel as a serum every other evening in my skincare routine. The formula is packed with my favourite  Niacinamide (4%) and also contains 5% Dexpanthenol, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn Extract rich in Vitamin C. It can be used on its own, as well but applying it before my evening moisturiser is my preferred method and the way it works best for me. The gel improves skin’s natural barrier function and I can see how my hyperpigmentation fades quicker after blemishes heal, it brightens my complexion and it also feels quite hydrating on the skin. I feel like this would be a staple in both, warmer and colder months, it’s a gorgeous product and I also appreciate that they’re using airless technology that keeps the  ingredients fresh in the tube. The texture is very lightweight and absorbs easily into the skin, I don’t feel any stinging or irritation and the only thing that I mentioned on Instagram, as well, is that I hope they will consider making it fragrance-free. Otherwise, it’s a brilliant skincare item.

There are a few makeup products I’ve been absolutely crazy about and they all come from this year’s Estée Lauder Blockbuster which is in fact, fantastic! I’m starting with the only two palettes I’ve been using since I got the set. They both have the name Pure Color Envy Eye and Cheek Palette but one is in Nudes and the second one is called Glam. From the latter I actually use mainly the Sculpting Blush in Rebel Rose which is a stunning rosy plum shade with a satin finish. The colour is buldable and the texture is easy to blend and work with. This is my favourite shade for blushes especially in the autumn/winter season and I rarely alternate it with other blushes right now. I’m simply in love with this one.
The other palette contains more neutral eyeshadow shades that look sophisticated, they’re not the most pigmented eyeshadows but as a person who likes a simple and natural look, I find them them perfect. The Bronze Goddess Bronzer in Medium has a slight shimmer running through when you look at it in the pan and I thought I’d hate it but to be fair, I love this bronzer and I don’t detect any shimmer when I apply it on my skin. It gives dimension to my face and warms it up a bit, it doesn’t look orange or muddy, it gives a bit of a healthy glow and the texture is a dream to apply. It might be my favourite bronzer ever.
Last but not least, their Pure Color Envy Lipstick in the shade 420 Rebellious Rose (warm rose shade that looks quite opaque) just proves once again that the range has one of the most beautiful lipstick formulas out there. It’s incredibly pigmented but creamy at the same time, it’s comfortable to wear, it doesn’t dry out the lips and fades just as beautiful. For such a creamy lipstick the staying power of over 4 hours on me is more than impressive. I love the regular Estée Lauder lipstick cases but I absolutely adore the Christmas packaging that the lipstick comes in this year. So luxurious and beautiful.

And with these holiday bits, it’s time to welcome the upcoming festive month and hope for it to be a good one!

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