Two Organic Body Scrubs I’ve Been Loving

Sugar body scrubs can be lovely, they usually smell amazing and peel away dead skin cells to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. But often they have a couple of disadvantages, they either feel too harsh or sugar dissolves in water too quickly and you can’t really exfoliate the skin.

But I’ve been using two brands for about a year now and they have brilliant body scrubs that are also certified organic.

I’ve had bad experience with KICKS body exfoliants from their previous line but since then, they’ve revamped the existing ranges and also released an organic one. When this happened a bit more than a year ago, the brand contacted me asking if I wanted to try some of their organic body range. I still like most of the products I tried but the one I keep repurchasing is this Lemongrass Sugar Scrub with Argan Oil. The tub is simple and pretty, the actual exfoliant has a subtle cirtusy scent and the texture is quite unique. In fact, that makes it hard for me to explain what it really looks like. The grains are not too rough but they remain on your body until you wash the product off, they don’t dissolve immediately and leave time to exfoliate while the Argan Oil hydrates the skin.  It’s easy to get the amount of the scrub you need without seeing half of it running through your fingers, it’s a bit like thick glue that somehow keeps the sugar grains where they should be. It’s a beautiful body scrub and it’s quite affordable, as well.
Sadly, this is a product you can get only in the Nordics (mum always asks me to bring her some when I come from Norway), so I have another body scrub that is just as lovely.

This Organic Shop Raspberry Cream Body Scrub is very similar to the KICKS one, actually, but the texture of it is a bit more fluid. You shouldn’t worry about that because it is still easy to use and you don’t end up wasting the product.
I’ve used several of the brand’s exfoliants, I purchased this one a few weeks ago and it might be my favourite from them. It’s very gentle and effective at the same time, thanks to the Shea Butter and Raspberry Fruit Extract in it. It smells divine and feels nourishing but the downside for me is the packaging. It doesn’t seem stable and it’s quite difficult to open and close the lid. Apart from this, they’ve created a beautiful body exfoliant that I really love.

Hope you can find the time to pamper yourself this Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Two Organic Body Scrubs I’ve Been Loving”

  1. Lovely pictures in this post. Really enjoying your posts, this is a great blog for discovering products I haven’t heard of previously. Thanks for sharing!


  2. ooh i def wanna try this out! i love the smell of lemon grass and the raspberry one seems good too! ive been wanting something that will exfoliate my whole body and these seem good! thanks for sharing!


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