August Favourites


It’s the last day of the last summer month for this year which makes me a bit sad but also excited for sweater weather, berry shades and autumn make-up collections.

Here are my most-used products for the month of August that remind me summer isn’t over yet and we’re still going to enjoy the sunshine.
The first one is an absolute random purchase that became a huge favourite of mine. I didn’t expect to like the Balea Peach and Coconut Hair Milk so much. First of all, I don’t really like coconut-scented products and second, it’s super affordable, so I was expecting it to be a bit sticky. The truth is that it doesn’t smell like coconut at all, in fact, the scent is amazing, light and fresh. The milk is basically a leave-in conditioner and I fell in love with a similar product years ago but it got discontinued and I was pretty sad. I use 3-4 pumps of the product and apply it on damp hair only around the ends of it where it tends to be more dry. The conditioner is not sticky or greasy and it doesn’t make my hair look dirty as some other products do. Once I dry my hair, I’m left with shiny and moisturised locks, it’s really easy to comb and style the hair and it also smells amazing.

My favourite face moisturiser for the warmer days has been Lancôme Énergie De Vie The Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Care (full review here). It has a serum-like texture that feels very light on the skin, it’s a bit cooling and soothing but it also gives me the right amount of hydration in the summer. My skin has been much more radiant and fresh-looking in the past couple of months, thanks to this product. I think I’ll still keep using it in the autumn and winter but paired with a bit more rich cream on top.

As I’ve mentioned before, I rarely fall in love with foundations. However, KICKS Flawless Wear Foundation SPF 20 in 02 Lightsurprised me with its coverage and longevity while looking natural and fresh. It’s been about two months since I first started using it and my opinion is still the same, I’m absolutely in love with this base. If you want to see more of the KICKS summer bits, check out this blog post.

One product that has been in my handbag every single day in July and August, is definitely the Estée Lauder Genuine Glow Reviving Oil Lip Tint*. It’s a nourishing tinted lip gloss that comes in a universal sheer shade which enhances the natural lip colour of every woman. The packaging is sophisticated and luxurious, the lip tint is gorgeous and gives a plump look to the lips while moisturising them. I’ve done a full review on the product here.

There’s this organic shop in Norway that I love going to because they have amazing selection of products and brands. They also have their own brand, I’ve tried a few items from them and I really liked them. That’s why I got their Life Aloe Vera Gel a few weeks ago. I know there are many Aloe Vera gels out there but this one contains pure, organic Aloe Vera (not from concentrate), has no mineral oils and parabens in it and it’s also cruelty-free. It’s very good against minor skin irritations like redness, light sun damage or shaving. I don’t really sunbathe and I don’t burn easily but I like the soothing feeling of this gel at the end of the hot days. There’s also a spray version of it that I’m now curious about.

These are my favourite beauty products for the month of August, what have you been loving in the summer?

*PR Samples

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