Favourite Drugstore Concealers

If I have to name only one make-up product that I can’t go out without, it must be concealer. I have really dark circles under my eyes, pretty visible redness on my cheeks and combination skin that gets a blemish or two from time to time. For me, concealers are those tiny little helpers that can make you look more awake, fresh, healthy and still natural. That’s why I’m always trying new ones and looking for the best one out there.

It has to be mentioned, there are many amazing concealers at the drugstore, I quite often reach for affordable picks and really wanted to gather around my favourite ones.

There are two concealers in a pot among the best drugstore ones I’ve ever tried. I use them under my eyes as a corrector or around my face because the coverage is really good. The first one is the Catrice Camouflage Cream which is probably the most popular product from the brand. It has to be warmed well before application because it has pretty thick consistency that can look and feel heavy and a bit dry. I use my fingers to apply it and the tiniest amount of product, as it has really high coverage. They now have a liquid version of this concealer and I should have a look at it.
The second one is from Essence and it’s actually a really handy duo. I often use this Camouflage Cream Concealer when I travel because it has a lighter and a darker shade that can be mixed together and that’s basically all I need when I’m away. These ones feel a bit lighter on the skin than the Catrice concealer but still have very good coverage and lasting power.

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer for such a long time but I think there are definitely more positives. What I don’t like so much is that it doesn’t really cover my dark circles but it does give an airbrushed look. It actually has a pretty decent coverage for such thin consistency, it doesn’t settle into fine lines and has a really smooth finish. I prefer my concealers to be a bit creamier but I’ve used this one all over my face on weekends when I want to get ready in a couple of minutes and it just looks amazing! So, it’s worth trying and mentioning, I like it, I just don’t love it because it doesn’t actually ‘erase’ my dark circles and the sponge is a bit too big to work with around the eyes but it does blend beautifully, it’s lightweight and it’s my do-it-all weekend product.

If you need a bit more coverage, Revlon Colourstay Concealer would be a good choice. It’s not a highlighting product but it does a great job at covering dark circles and blemishes. It can be a bit drying if you have dry skin and the scent is a bit unpleasant but I like the creamy texture of it and it lasts really long time on me.

There are two Rimmel concealers that I really really like, I actually didn’t expect to like the Match Perfection one but now I use it every day. It has a brush applicator which I find quite comfortable to use, it’s definitely not full coverage but medium and has a brightening effect. I have to say, there were a couple of times when I had only this concealer with me and had to use it to cover imperfections around my face. I was surprised that actually, it didn’t draw attention to them but at the same time made my under eye area more radiant. It has a lovely texture, not too thick, not too thin, the shades have great undertones that look flattering and I can always rely on this product to make me look a bit more fresh. The Wake Me Up Concealer is definitely one I’d use only under my eyes because it has light reflecting properties, it can also be applied at the high points of the face and looks beautiful. It’s a great concealer to mix or to use over corrector because the consistency is lovely, it’s buildable and blends really well. One thing I’d say about Rimmel concealers is the limited range of shades and that’s probably the only downside.

These are some of my favourite drugstore concealers and I hope you can recommend some more because I always love trying new ones!


5 thoughts on “Favourite Drugstore Concealers”

  1. I recently picked up the Wake Me Up concealer again, but a lighter shade and it is such a better match for my skin tone! Out of interest, how do you apply your under-eye concealer? Hands/brush/beauty blender?

    Have you tried the Collection Long-lasting Perfection? I have a love/hate relationship with that but I have yet to just try it with a beauty blender.


    1. I’ve never tried the Collection one but I’m soooo curious about it! What do you (don’t) like about it?
      Well, I usually apply a bit of product under my eyes and start dabbing it with my fingers, then I finish off with my RT sponge. So far, that works best for me.


  2. I apply a triangular shape underneath my eyes and use RT sponge too to blend. It always creases when I only use my fingers lol.

    I think I dislike the Collection more than I like it. The colour match is very limited and not good for me. 1 (fair) works great as a highlight but overall, a bit too light for my skin and 2 (cool medium) comes off orange on my skin and hard to save by blending it. :/ The consistency is also quite thick and drying in my opinion, so I don’t find it easy to work with.


      1. A lot of YouTubers rave about it so I think it’s just one of those love it or hate it products! I have yet to pick up the Maybelline Age Rewind though because many seem to rave about that but for now, I’m actually really happy with Wake Me Up.


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