Four Peach Body Washes for Every Budget


For many people coconut is the ultimate summer scent, however, I’m not the biggest fan of coconut-scented products. My favourite summer fragrance is peach and also watermelon because they are still sweet but much more fresh and light than coconut, for example.

I love peach-scented body washes and these are a few of my favourite ones. Hopefully everyone can find their own pick, as I’ll be showing them from lowest to highest price. Also, I’d like to mention the White Peach and Nectarine Shower Gel from Le Petit Marseiliais which was my favourite body wash during last year’s summer and I think I used up about 5 bottles of it then.

Starting off with the most affordable one and the one that isn’t technically peach-scented, Balea Hibiscus & Nectarine Body Wash. The brand has so many shower gels and creams with different textures and scents to choose from and that’s the main reason I love trying them. This one smells of peaches and has a hint of flower notes, it’s a lovely summer scent. The body wash doesn’t dry out my skin, it’s not something special in terms of hydration or feel to the skin but I really enjoy using it in the warmer months.

Now, I use quite a lot of products from Sagrotan to clean my home because they are antibacterial but I had no idea they also made body washes. The Sagrotan Pro Fresh Shower Gel with Peach & Raspberry creates a soft foam and feels really nourishing on the skin. It’s antibacterial but gentle and it doesn’t irritate or make my skin dry. I think it’s great to use after doing sports or on a hot summer day like it’s been in the last few weeks.

When I was younger, we used to have a peach tree in our garden and the way peaches smelled was deliciously soft of sweet nectar and sun. That’s how the entire Yves Rocher Yellow Peach collection smells. I love the body wash and the body lotion from the series, I also had the fragrance but sadly, I was told it has been discontinued and I’m incredibly sad about that!
Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Shower Gel is mild on the skin, feels creamy and soft and smells of ripe peaches that were grown in the summer sunshine. That’s probably my most-loved peach-scented body wash and I hope they will never stop making it.

Last but not least, a true treat for your skin with the L’Occitane Bonne Mère Peach Shower Gel. It’s fruity and fresh, it comes in a unique bottle and has a lovely texture. It’s just another body wash that takes me back to sweet summer memories and makes the shower experience even more special and luxurious. Like with the rest of the products mentioned, this one doesn’t have an overwhelming fragrance but leaves a nice scent to the body.

If you, like me, like more natural, fresh and just a bit sweet scents that aren’t too overpowering, I’d recommend checking these body washes out. They are great for the summer and the aroma is delicious!

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