Evening Skincare Routine | Summer 2016


On Wednesday I showed you my simple summer morning skincare routine and it’s only logical the evening one to follow.

I decided to feature a few more products that I use several times a week and not every day but they are still part of my skincare rituals and that’s why they’re here.

The first step is always taking my make-up off and I usually use micellar water to do this. The Ziaja Sensitive Skin Micellar Water is very gentle, feels delicate on the skin but takes off make-up really well. After this, I usually continue with an oil cleanser but I’ve been using the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam* for the past month or so because it’s something between a cream and oil cleanser and I really like it. It’s very calming and leaves my skin clean, soft and hydrated. I’ve done a full review on this product, so you can take a look at it here. To tone my skin and to remove any last traces of impurities, I use Clarins Alcohol-Free Toning Lotion with Iris, it’s good even around the eyes, doesn’t strip my skin and feels refreshing.

At the moment, I’m using a drugstore serum and it’s the Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum which is a brilliant basic one for dehydrated and sensitive skin. It feels comforting, it makes my skin glowy and fresh-looking. I’ve been using it for just about a month and I’m waiting once it’s been at least 3 months to do a proper review on it but so far, I think it’s a great find.

Then I apply my eye cream and it’s still the same as the one in my morning skincare routine, I just love the Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream*. Day or night, it’s the one to give me hydration, brightness and care in a fragrance-free formula.

I love applying facial oils and I simply adore them on slightly damp skin, that’s why I use the thermal spray from Maya Water Facial Mist with Organic Acai* and then apply the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. It spreads evenly, nourishes the skin and gives a wonderful glow.

For an extra drop of hydration, I finish off with Clinique Superdefense Night Recovery Moisturiser*. It’s radiance in a jar, containing Vitamin C and Vitamin E to maintain healthy and radiant skin, Ergothioneine which is an antioxidant amino acid that helps protect the skin from pollution and Rosemary Leaf Extract for strengthening the skin’s barrier from environmental aggressors, while stimulating natural collagen production. You can read my review on it here.

Before bed, I like to apply the Kaufmanns multi-purpose cream in a tube on my lips. I’ve talked about this one a lot, it’s just amazing for dry lips, it heals them with a couple of applications, it’s affordable and I always stock up on it when I’m in Germany.

Additional care
There are two exfoliating products I’ve been using the most in the past few months. Facial scrubs aren’t something that I reach for often but I’m really enjoying the Dior Instant Gentle Exfoliant with Pure Lily Extract because it’s gentle and creamy, it doesn’t dry out my skin and makes it look luminous. In case you’d like to read more about this product, I’ve done a full review on it here. I use it a couple of times a week, just like the Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel from Superdrug (I always use them on different days). This tiny tube contains a clear gel that feels a bit sticky when you apply it but the feeling disappears quickly. I use it at night and then wash it off the next morning. My skin gets really soft and radiant with it which is a bit of a surprise as I got this product on a whim. I don’t think my face gets along with Glycolic Acid that well, I’ve had pretty bad experience with some skincare products containing the ingredient but this affordable peel really does a great job.

I have combination skin, so a blemish or two will appear from time to time. In this case, I use a few drops of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil on a cotton bud and apply it directly onto the affected area after cleansing. This product is lovely, doesn’t dry out my skin and works really well but I have to say, pure Tea Tree Oil works just as good and it’s often cheaper.
At night I use the Dermalogica Clear Start Overnight Treatment on dry and cleansed skin and on the next day the redness and the size of the blemishes are reduced, my skin definitely looks a bit better without being dry.

Several times a week, I like to use face masks, purifying and nourishing, both types are in my routine and you can see my current face mask choices here.

This is my evening skincare routine this summer, of course, I add new products once in a while, so I hope this post was helpful and perhaps in future, there would be an updated one.

*PR Samples


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