We Care Icon I Love Tigers Nude Palette


A couple of weeks ago, a special friend surprised me with a package full of goodies, trying to cheer me up and indeed, it worked! There’s one particular item that I haven’t stopped using since then and I wanted to talk about it a bit more.

First of all, because it’s an eyeshadow palette and I don’t really use eyeshadows on a daily basis but this one is just so beautiful that I reach for it every single day. Second, the brand is new to me, it’s called We Care Icon, it’s a Finnish brand and they try to make their products as environment-friendly as possible. There isn’t much information about the brand or the product and my Finnish isn’t very good… actually, it doesn’t exist, at all but I tried to do a bit of a research. They have minimised the packaging, the products are sold without cardboard boxes, the materials are biodegradable and they don’t use any ingredients of animal origin.
I believe 5 cents from each product goes to the Finnish WWF and 1 euro from each I Love Tigers palette sold, to the tiger protection, as tigers are in big danger at the moment and they’re trying to help double their number and protect them better.
Also, their products are fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin, too.

It looks like they have a great selection of products, my friend told me they have hits and misses which of course, is normal but the one today is definitely a hit for me. There are two I Love Tigers palettes, I have the Nude one. As you can see, it’s inspired by the Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes which for me, are some of the best travel-friendly ones out there, considering how portable they are but also including amazing shades.

The colours in the We Care Icon I Love Tigers Nude Palette don’t have names but what’s more important is the formula. And the formula is beautiful, these eyeshadows are soft, smooth, buttery, blendable and pigmented.
The shades are perfect for a neutral make-up look, there are two matte shades and four shimmery ones. The first one is a matte cream colour, I love using it as a base on my lids, the one next to it is a pretty light beige, the third one is a gorgeous rosey champagne shade, then there are a matte taupe, a shimmery brown and a warm dark brown shade.

The downside is that you can find this palette only in Finland but it’s a beautiful one, the cause idea is another plus and the brand cares about the nature, so if you find yourself in Finland, be sure to check it out. I’m really happy that my friend sent it to me because it’s now a great addition to my everyday make-up bag!


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