Favourite Lip Care Products

Lip balms are what got me into beauty, I’ve always been crazy about them, I’ve tried and keep trying many different ones and I simply can’t get tired of them. After I started spending more time in Norway, I saw the need of lip balms in my life even more. That’s why I decided to share some of my favourite lip care products with you, tried and tested in Scandinavian weather conditions.

Favourite lip balm in a stick form
Burt’s Bees and I have a long love connection, their products are some of my favourites and their lip balms are like no others. I’ve tried almost all of them but my favourite always remains their Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter. They all have great fruity flavours, they are incredibly moisturising, travel-friendly, transparent and not too shiny, so they can be used by both, men and women and they are 100% natural.

Favourite lip balm in a pot
If you want to see how the A.S Apothecary Lip Balm #7 Smooth & Calm looks, check out this blog post because the one here is just the tiny empty jar left but it’s such a big love of mine that I wanted to say a few words about it. This lip balm contains Almond Oil, Unrefined Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Unrefined Avocado Oil and Organic Honey, all amazing ingredients. It’s incredibly hydrating and lightweight at the same time, it feels soothing on the lips and has a lovely scent, delicate and sophisticated. One of the best lip balms I’ve ever tried!

Favourite lip balm in a squeeze tube
This isn’t exactly a lip balm, it’s more of a multi-purpose cream but it works wonders on my lips during the cold months. Kaufmanns Cream is a relatively thick cream that looks pretty white once it’s applied, so I try to use it when I’m at home. Actually, it needs just a couple of applications to do its job, it has a gentle scent and can be used by the whole family. The downside is that it’s not so easy to find it (it’s available only in Germany and it’s sold out most of the time) but it’s quite affordable and one tube lasts a long time

Favourite overnight lip treatment
NUXE Rêve de Miel is a cult classic and I tend to use it at night because I don’t really like it on the day, it’s just a bit too thick and grainy but I love it as a ”lip mask”. It has a lovely scent and heals my lips really well overnight. I got a few of their anniversary pots a couple of years ago and I still have some that are completely new, they just last a really long time.

Favourite lip balm with sun protection
I don’t have that many lip care products with sun protection but I love the Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15. It has a delicate rose scent, it looks pink but goes clear on the lips and stays for hours. Even after eating and drinking, there’s still the silky feel from the lip balm and I love it. It’s not sticky or greasy and I often use it underneath my lip pencils, for example.

Favourite tinted lip oil
You can see how much I love my Lancôme Juicy Shakers and especially the one in the shade 252 Vanilla Pop, I’ve almost used it all up. I’ve talked about them here but they are basically a combination between nourishing lip oils and gorgeous pigments, they are fun to use, they are hydrating, non-sticky and they all smell different and amazing. My other favourites are 283 Berry in Love and 301 Meli Melon.

Favourite limited edition lip treatment
When it comes to limited edition lip balms, there is one brand that always makes me fall in love with theirs. A few times a year L’Occitane release special editions of their lip balms. I love their original one and I always want to get the new balms when they’re out because they have unique scents and designs with the same nourishing and lovely formula. I can’t say which one is my favourite because I’ve tried so many of them and I adore them all!

These are some of my favourite lip care products, I’m really curious to know what lip balms you love most!

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