Flora by Gucci – Gorgeous Gardenia

Fragrances are special because they are something personal and individual. I rarely pick up a scent just because it’s new and I like how it smells. Perfumes remind me of places, people, events and that’s why they’re appealing to me. It’s sometimes surprising how I fall in love with scents I never thought I would.

That’s exactly the case with Flora by Gucci – Gorgeous Gardenia. Floral scents aren’t my favourite ones but a few years ago, when the Gucci Garden Collection was released, I really liked the Gorgeous Gardenia fragrance. It actually didn’t seem to be a floral one, maybe because of the Pear and Red Berries notes. However, I couldn’t relate it to anything and I didn’t want to purchase it.

Until a few weeks back… I won’t go into details but when I tried it again at the airport in Amsterdam, it just brought back so many amazing memories from an incredible trip and unforgettable experience. And I knew it was now one of the special scents for me.

Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is delicate, charming, feminine, romantic, sensual. It’s fresh, a bit sweet, sophisticated but also playful.

Top notes are of Pear and Red Berries, heart notes of White Gardenia and Frangipani Flower and base notes of Patchouli and Brown Sugar Accord.
At first it’s a bit more fresh and sweet and later, it gets more flowery but without being too overwhelming and noticeable on my skin which I really like.

I love the elegant bottle and the cute little bow, it’s very pretty and dainty. Even the box that it comes in is lovely. One thing I’d say is that I wished it lasted a bit longer because I don’t really feel it at the end of the day.

Flora by Gucci – Gorgeous Gardenia is a beautiful scent for the spring and summer months and I can’t stop wearing it at the moment.
Have you tried this fragrance?


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