Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint


Barry M is a truly impressive brand when it comes to nail polishes. Every time when I travel to the UK, I get a few of their varnishes because they are affordable but the performance is similar to many high-end ones and they always have great selection of colours.

The latest addition is their Coconut Infusion Nail Paint range. Coconut is a big trend in the beauty world and when gorgeous colours are combined with nail care, I need to try it.
There are 9 beautiful shades in total, I have 7 of them: Starfish, Sunkissed, Tiki Hut, Flamingo, Aloha, Surfboard and Bikini. For me, personally, it’s very hard to pick a favourite one.

The product comes with a really nice brush that fits the nail bed and makes the application very easy. I always use two coats but these have such a nice formula that you can easily go with just one.

Coconut Infusion Nail Paint polishes have a caring blend of Coconut Oil and Coconut Water to gently hydrate and nourish the nails while it delivers a smooth and gel-like finish, it’s really glossy and beautiful. The formula is enriched with anti-oxidising properties and Vitamins B & C for repaired and healthy-looking nails. I haven’t been using these nail polishes for such a long time to see a big difference but I can say that my nails really look bright and nourished after taking the colour off. They last for about 4-5 days on me which is a lot, considering I can usually wear a nail shade for about 2-3 days.

These nail polishes have been designed to be worn without base coat to gain the full benefits of the nail care ingredients. Basically, it’s good for the nails and it also saves time!

It’s amazing how such wonderful and flattering colours can be added to a caring and gentle nail polish formula…and you can find all these at the drugstore! I’m really happy I managed to get almost the full range because I’m in love with every single one of them.

Have you picked up a shade or two of the new Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint?


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