Review: Dior Instant Gentle Exfoliant

DSC_1025postIn the past couple of years, facial scrubs are not something that I tend to use very often. I much prefer acid toners, for example, but one day my boyfriend brought home the Dior Instant Gentle Exfoliant with Pure Lily Extract because he thought it would be interesting for me to try. And it was.

This exfoliant is said to be suitable for all skin types but it contains fragrance, so if you have sensitive skin, it might not be the one for you. It’s suggested to be used 2 to 3 times a week after your usual cleansing routine, for me twice a week works pretty well. The texture is rich and creamy, the product contains really fine beads that feel gentle on the skin but still leave it soft and smooth. It can be rinsed off easily and after that the skin feels purified but somehow hydrated and radiant.

I’ve been using the Dior Instant Gentle Exfoliant for over two months and I can really see great results. My skin is luminous and silky soft without being dried out. This is just an amazing and gentle face scrub, however, it’s too pricey for an exfoliant and I’m torn between my love for it and the fact that it’s very expensive. The positive side is that a little goes a long way and you need the tiniest amount for the whole face.

There are so many wonderful exfoliants out there at the moment that I can’t say you need only this one but it works beautifully on me and although, I wouldn’t repurchase it, I really really love it and I’m happy I have the chance to try it.

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