Clinique Pop Artistry | Spring 2016

DSC_0006postDSC_0008postDSC_0012post(L-R: Pop Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer in 05 Wink Pop, Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer in 09 Licorice Pop, Lid Pop in 05 Willow Pop, Cheek Pop in 03 Berry Pop)

Spring make-up launches are without a doubt the most exciting ones for me. We’re going out of the dark and cold winter and we want to look healthy and radiant with a pop of colour.

At the end of March, Clinique introduced the new additions to their Pop Artistry Collection for Spring 2016. And what better way to welcome the season than to play with vibrant colours at various levels of intensity?

We all love the brand’s Lip Pops, I have one in every room and handbag because they are comfortable to wear lipsticks with intense pigment and so many shades to choose from. Now, it’s time for us to meet the new Lip Pop members: Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer and Pop Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer.
Clinique Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer is formulated with Shea and Murumuru Butters and it feels very moisturising, just like the original Lip Pops. It provides a sheer colour which is really nice if you want to experiment with bold shades but you’re afraid of highly pigmented lipsticks. To me, it feels like a balm because it’s very light on the lips but hydrating and the shiny see-through colour looks very pretty. It’s actually quite buildable, so you can get a subtle tint or apply a few layers for a stronger colour. I have to say that for sheer lipsticks, these beauties have amazing lasting power which is up to 3 hours on my lips. There are 6 shades available in the Nordic countries, my favourite, of course, is the berry one. It’s called 09 Licorice Pop* and this is exactly the type of spring/summer shade I adore! It looks very dark in the bullet but as you can see on the swatch above, it’s quite sheer. This shade makes me look healthy and vibrant and I’ve been wearing it a lot on its own or on top of a lip pencil.

On the other hand, Clinique Pop Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer is a full-coverage, glossy lacquer that lasts really long time on the lips. The texture is creamy, it’s thicker than a gloss and makes the lips look smooth and juicy. It comes with a very interesting and precise petal-shaped applicator that grabs just the right amount of product. There are 8 shades available here, from nudes to reds, I love 05 Wink Pop(a milky pink shade) and I’m very curious to swatch Cocoa Pop and Love Pop, as they look right up my street in pictures. I really like these because they are more pigmented than a gloss but they are not drying like a liquid lipstick. In fact, they make my lips look as if I applied a gloss on top of a lipstick while I actually achieve it with just one product.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not an eyeshadow girl and if I want to look a bit more polished but still everyday-appropriate, I’d use something like MAC Patina (review here) applied all over the lid. If you’re like me or you’re just starting with make-up, Clinique Lid Pops would be perfect for you. They come in 8 different shades and my favourite 05 Willow Pop* is actually very similar to MAC Patina, it’s a golden olive shade with beautiful sheen to it. The texture is silky soft, it blends really well and doesn’t feel like powder, at all. It lasts all day, I wear it even without an eye primer and it doesn’t crease on me, it doesn’t fade easily and indeed, feels and looks luxurious. The brighter shades look very intense in the pan but they go pretty sheer on the lid. From the shades I’ve seen and swatched in stores, I can say they all have subtle shimmer finish that looks beautiful and still wearable.

A similar silky soft and a truly impressive formula, is the one of Clinique Cheek Pop and the shade 03 Berry Pop* which probably, most of you already know. It’s hard for me to understand and explain how a powder can feel so creamy and still be a powder but it’s simply gorgeous. It’s really pigmented, so if you have fairer skin tone, you might want to use a light hand. The colour is buildable and blendable, it has a satiny sheen but without any shimmer which is always a win. This blush is incredibly long-lasting, it gives a beautiful luminous and juicy look while still stays natural and seamless. I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m in love with this blush and the adorable daisy imprint just makes the experience even more special. I can’t wait to see and swatch the rest of the shades that arrived in Norway.

Above you can see swatches of my favourite products and shades from Clinique Pop Artistry Spring 2016 Collection, what are yours?

*PR Samples


7 thoughts on “Clinique Pop Artistry | Spring 2016”

    1. I’m discovering them just now, as they were not available in Norway before and I’m in love! Girls often mention Ginger Pop and I can’t wait to swatch it! Happy new week, xx


  1. Ох, днес ще ходя до града и след този пост, ще трябва да се отбия в Дъглас! Определено трябва да погледна тези сенки, въпреки че се заклех да не купувам повече козметика, особено след като се сдобих с палитра на Марк Джейкъбс за 53 евро и се оказа, че съм взела грешната, но разбрах 400 км по-късно :D И ако това не е знак, че не трябва да купувам козметика, здраве му кажи хахаха


    1. Съжалявам за палитрата, доста е неприятно това, а и боли още повече, когато козметиката е от по-висок клас! Аз не си падам по сенки особено, но в тези наистина се влюбих и нямам търпение да погледна и нюанси като Vanilla Pop и Cream Pop. Ще чакам отзиви след разходката до Дъглас :)


      1. Отидох, видях и не се впечатлих за радост (макар и кратка) на моя портфейл. Пипнах сенките и честно казано ми се сториха малко посредствени като качество, но може и вината да е била в тестера. Въпреки това наистина не ме впечатлиха толкова, че дори да попитам за цената им.
        Затова пък се оказа, че са ремонтирала Дъглас, и половината от него е вече МАС, и кратката радост на моя портфейл просто се изпари :D :D :D
        А колкото до палитрата, реших да се не вайкам повече. Обръщам го вече наистина на майтап и ще гледам да си ползвам често, за да не ме е яд <3


      2. Страхотно за MAC и не толкова страхотно за портфейла ти! ;-) Аз до ден-днешен само онлайн мога да поръчвам нещо от марката, а като съм в Германия/Англия, се чувствам като дете в сладкарница пред техните продукти и не знам накъде да погледна, хаха. Честито за червилото, изглежда страхотен цвят!
        А за сенките и тестера не знам какво да кажа, защото и тук забелязах нещо подобно. Тези, които ми пратиха, са толкова фини и приятни, а в магазина са някак сухи и се прашат, може да е от непрекъснатото отваряне и swatch-ване.


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