When You’re not Feeling That Great

So, I’ve been having a cold for the last week or so and although I kept doing my daily tasks, I finally decided to have a day trying to make myself feel a bit better. This post is for those of you who might be under the weather like me or feel a bit down. Just remember this isn’t going to last forever and we’re going to bounce back!

In such days, I really don’t feel like doing my make-up and especially when it’s Sunday, I prefer to just enjoy my skincare rituals but if it makes you feel much better and helps you go through the tough time, just do it.
My face and body get really dry when I’m sick, so hydration is the key word for me.

First of all, I boil the kettle and make myself a nice cup of tea. In this case, my lovely boyfriend does it for me while I’m sitting with a snuggly blanket.

My eyes feel quite burning because of the cold, so it’s nice for me to spray some rose water on two cotton pads and place them over the eyes for 10-15 minutes. It’s cooling, soothing and relaxing and you don’t have to be sick to enjoy this step. Do it after a long and exhausting day, on a weekend and just whenever you want to have a few minutes for yourself.

Then I like to apply a thick moisturiser on my face, or in this case the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I usually wait about 5 minutes and then tissue off the excess because it can go a bit sticky on my combination skin. The mask is really hydrating and makes my skin look more healthy and radiant which is exactly what I need at the moment. Plus, it smells very nice.

A lip balm is a must for me every day and especially now. A thick layer of the L’Occitane x Pierre Hermé Paris Pamplemousse Rhubarbe Lip Balm keeps my lips nourished and soft for hours.

Alverde have some amazing body butters, they smell lovely and the texture is rich but without being greasy. I love their Macadamia Nut and Shea Butter one, it has a sweet and warm nutty scent but without being overpowering.

Last but not least, foot care. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream is a great product because it nourishes your feet but absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky feel. It’s still pretty cold in Norway and this foot cream is a winter must-have for me.

These are just a few simple steps that make me feel a bit more relaxed and pampered when I’m not at my best and want something quick to give me a boost. What are your essentials in such days?


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