Products That Deserve Your Attention

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In a world full of beauty launches and recommendations, many products remain unnoticed. Products that are just as good as the hyped up ones, if not better. I realised that I’m using a lot of beauty items that you won’t see on many beauty blogs or magazines and I decided to share them with you because I simply love them. It turned out that there were more than I expected, so this might become a series and hopefully, it will help you to discover or re-discover amazing gems.

Last year, I found the perfect cleansing oil for me (review here) and unfortunately, this is just the empty bottle of the A.S Apothecary Cleansing Oil #5 but they now have a stockist in Sweden, so I really hope to see their products in Norway soon. It’s an exquisite cleansing oil, feels lovely on the skin, smells amazing and removes make-up incredibly well while taking care of your skin thanks to Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Borage Oil, Calendula Oil and Vitamin E. It doesn’t break my combination skin out and I really miss it in my evening skincare rituals.

Speaking of breakouts, around ‘that time of the month’, my skin can go really crazy and that’s what happened a few weeks ago. I realised I’ve ran out of all my La Roche-Posay Effaclar treatments, so I had to go to the nearest pharmacy and get more of them. However, there was a huge display of Dermalogica products and I’ve always been curious about the brand, so I decided to take a look at it again. I’ve never heard people mentioning their Clear Start Overnight Treatment but it sounded so miraculous to me that I brought it back home. I applied it in the evening after cleansing and toning my face and on the next morning I woke up to less angry blemishes, the redness was almost gone, my skin didn’t feel dry or irritated and I couldn’t believe how well this product actually worked on me. I continued using it and I can say that my opinion hasn’t changed after the first use, I love this product, I might even love it a bit more than Effaclar Duo +, so go get a sample and see for yourself.

It might be spring coming but here in Norway, it’s still snowy and pretty cold. This caused me cracked and bleeding lips which doesn’t happen often to me, as I’m always taking care of my lips but there were such freezing days with icy wind that nothing could help. So, I had to deal with the aftermath and luckily, I always have the Kaufmanns cream (the one in a squeeze tube) because it heals my lips with just a couple of applications. It’s a relatively thick white cream that smells really delicate because it should be suitable for children, after all. If you find yourself in Germany, be sure to check it out because unfortunately, it’s available only there. A great product from the drugstore.

Clinique is a popular brand but some of their products are really underrated. Just like this Airbrush Concealer that I have a mini of. It’s great for highlighting under the eyes, it’s lightweight but pigmented, sits natural on the skin and makes you look fresher. I love the simple packaging and the pen-form.

Another famous brand is Clarins but their Eyebrow Pencil isn’t mentioned often. I’m not sure how many of it I’ve gone through but I really like it because it has powdery finish and lasts all day. Also, it doesn’t require sharpening that often and has a brush on one end.

You may have noticed that I’m using a lot of Essence products, I just think most of them are really good quality at a drugstore price and they’re also cruelty-free. We’ve heard about their lip pencils but not much about their eyeliners. A liquid one really disappointed me but this Gel Eyeliner in the shade 06 Cocoa Bean is one of the best eyeliners I’ve tried. It’s dark brown that looks incredibly flattering, the texture is smooth and glides on easily, it’s waterproof, it’s very pigmented and doesn’t require sharpening.

Body and Hair
I’ve confessed my love for Kneipp body washes a million times but I wanted to mention them once again. They have so many different sizes, types (from creams to foams) and scents… I haven’t experienced a disappointment, so far, they feel amazing on the skin and you should definitely try them!

Ziaja is a Polish brand that I discovered last year. I love their sensitive micellar water but I’ve never mentioned their Cocoa Butter Hair Mask. Not only it smells nice but it also nourishes my hair and makes it feel soft and shiny.

These are some of my favourite products that aren’t talked about enough, I hope this post would be helpful for you to find new beauty loves.


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