Lancôme Hypnôse Volume-à-porter Mascara

DSC_0534post lancomemascara
Mascara is such an interesting item, it’s the one beauty product that really opens up the eye and makes us look awake but also, if it works for one woman, it might not work for 101 others.

I wish I could say the first thing I noticed in the new Lancôme Hypnôse Volume-à-porter Mascara was the brush but that was actually the second one. The packaging of this mascara is just so beautiful and elegant that it looks like a jewel, it’s so chic.
Then I fell in love with the brush which has a flexible head and is in fact, the first ever elastomer brush from the Hypnôse range. It has a combination of longer and shorter spikes that are pretty soft, so you won’t end up poking yourself in the eyes. The brush perfectly coats and separates each and every lash, gives them a lift and a super black look without any clumps or smudges throughout the day. It’s also very easy to apply the product on the bottom lashes, as this is probably the trickiest part with most mascaras.

The formula is very creamy but not as wet as most of the Lancôme mascaras that I’ve tried which is the factor that really turns Hypnôse Volume-à-porter into one of my favourite mascaras. I apply two coats but even if you layer it more, your lashes won’t get crispy, sticky or spidery. It simply has a lovely formula enriched with Lancôme‘s exclusive Native Rose-Cell Extract to soften the lashes.
At the end of the day, removing it requires a bit of an effort, though. I prefer to use micellar water and cleansing oil to be sure I’ve taken everything off.

I’m really happy that the year starts with a new favourite mascara, considering how picky I can be when it comes to this beauty item. Lancôme Hypnôse Volume-à-porter makes my lashes look fluttery, it’s clump-free, has fantastic staying power and is suitable for people with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers like me.


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