Lavender Nails

Happy New Year! Hope you’ve enjoyed welcoming 2016, may it be a happy and healthy one!

For my first post this year, I decided to show you a nail polish that I got in the summer while I was in Italy. The reason is simple, I had such an amazing time there, I really wish it could be June 2015 again and don’t see a better way to start the year than with such a positive and happy memory for me.

I was really curious about the brand WYCON, their stores were so full of excited girls swatching this and that but unfortunately, I didn’t do a proper product research before I travelled to Rome. I’d love to try much more from them now but I wasn’t really prepared back then.

However, I spent really long time staring at their nail polishes, they had so many different finishes and the shade range was incredible. I didn’t know what to pick! I believe I got 3 or 4 bottles but because it was summer, most of them were coral or pink colours. I really loved their purple shades and wasn’t sure which one to get but WYCON Nail Lacquer in N. 222 was the first one that grabbed my attention. This pretty and delicate dusty lavender shade seemed nothing like any of my nail polishes.

It has a bit more runny consistency than most of my varnishes, so the first coat may go a bit streaky but it gets thicker with the time. The brush is pretty small and I wasn’t sure if it would be good but personally for me, it’s very comfortable to work with. I need two coats for an opaque look, the nail polish has glossy finish and lasts pretty well on my nails, as it just wears off at the top.

I can say that I haven’t used another nail varnish in the last couple of weeks, I’m so in love with this one! I adore the shade and looking at it, brings back so many amazing memories…

Have you tried anything from WYCON Cosmetics and do you have a favourite product from them?


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