Summer Nails in the Winter

Do you miss summer? Thought so… The past few weeks have been quite emotional for me, so when I got back to Norway, I stopped by my local beauty boutique to cheer myself up. I picked up two nail polishes from Dior and decided to go for probably the best Christmas shade 868 Wonderful which I showed you on my Instagram and the ultimate summer shade 552 Smile.

These nail polishes were released some weeks ago along with the new Dior Addict Lipsticks which I still haven’t had the possibility to take a look at and two more nail shades – 588 Tribale, a beautiful rosewood nude which unfortunately, wasn’t available but I’d love to have it in my collection and 892 Be Dior, a gorgeous plum shade.

The four nail polishes are limited edition, so if you want amazing summer nails, be sure to check out 552 Smile now because it won’t stay for long. For me, this nail polish is totally worth the price tag because you get a beautiful shade, discreet and elegant shimmer and a glossy finish. I’ve told you that no matter what brand my nail varnish is, it lasts only 2-3 days on my nails but this one wears up to 5 on me which is really impressive. This tangerine coral shade with golden micro shimmer and smooth formula goes opaque with two coats and would be the best addition to any beach holiday beauty bag.

All four nail shades are beautiful and worth checking out, so I’d recommend treating yourself to at least one of them for the holidays.


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