Ziaja Sensitive Skin Micellar Water

DSC_0128pMicellar waters are a big love of mine, they take the first step in my evening skincare routine. I like removing my make-up with a micellar water and then cleanse my face with a cleansing oil or another appropriate cleanser.

I’m always curious to try new micellar waters and when I saw the Ziaja Sensitive Skin Micellar Water at the drugstore a few weeks ago, I grabbed a 1+1 pack just because I thought the bottles looked travel-friendly. Ziaja is a Polish brand and I got a few of their products in the summer but still haven’t tried most of them.

This micellar water doesn’t contain alcohol, parabens and perfumes and is supposed to be gentle to sensitive skin and eyes. I find this product really delicate and soft on my skin, it feels like water and there is no stinging or tightening sensation after using it. My face isn’t left sticky but I always rinse off the micellar water. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, so it’s really good for contact lens wearers like me.
I don’t experience any breakouts or rashes while using the micellar water and the best is that it really does remove make-up very well. Well, waterproof mascara is always a bit tricky to take off but my waterproof eyeliners are gone in seconds.

The active ingredients of the product are Allantoin and Provitamin B5. The micellar water is not tested on animals.

I think this is now another drugtsore micellar water option for me and I’m pretty happy with how the brands are competing on this front and we have more to choose from.


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