trend IT UP Double Volume & Shine

DSC_0100postI’ve been wanting to get my hands on the new trend IT UP products since they launched at DM Germany in September, I believe. It seems they have amazing make-up products but the most hyped up items are the nail polishes from the Double Volume & Shine line.

It feels like every German girl has been posting Instagram photos of her favourite nail polish shades from the brand and I was really curious to try them out. During one of his trips, my boyfriend decided to get a few of the shades for me, how nice of him!

I immediately fell in love with the one I’m showing you today. They don’t have names, just numbers and this one is 090 which is a deep dusty rose colour, a bit darker than the one I showed you in my Summer to Fall Nail Transition post. It’s amazing for every day wear, it’s elegant but also cute. Interesting fact is that it looks much lighter in the bottle than it actually is, the real colour looks a lot better, so have that in mind.

The nail polish is affordable and comes in 11 ml, it has a wide brush that is really comfortable to work with. The formula is not runny and not too thick, it goes on smoothly without any bubbles or streaks and has a great glossy finish. I apply two coats but it goes opaque even with one which is quite impressive. The lasting power for me is always the same, 2-3 days but that’s just how all nail polishes perform on my nails.

I’ve been wearing this shade a lot since I got it and I’m curious to try some more colours from the range. I just wish it was easier to find these nail polishes and maybe they can actually give them names rather than just having numbers.

Have you tried any trend IT UP products and do you have favourite ones?


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