Rescuing Dehydrated Skin

Autumn months have always been quite difficult for my skin to go through. As I’m a girl with combination and dehydrated skin, I see that during fall, the oily area gets more oily but there are also more and more dry patches appearing.

Luckily, I found a combination of two skincare products that gives me the right amount of moisture without making my skin more oily.

Oils are amazing for your skin and I’d suggest you find the right ones for your type of skin and to not be afraid even if it’s combination or oily. The Clarins Oils are probably the most talked about products on this blog but there is a reason why. The Lotus Face Treatment Oil (review here) is my spring/summer facial oil, it’s suitable for combination skin and it balances it out and feels very soothing. The Blue Orchid Oil (full review here) is for dehydrated skin and it’s my autumn/winter facial oil because it’s really calming and nourishing, it hydrates the dry areas without causing breakouts to the oily T-zone.

But adding one more ingredient to the formula makes it the best one for my dehydrated skin. Before applying the oil, I spritz Rose Water Mist* from Mirins Copenhagen directly onto my face and while the skin is still damp, I massage the oil into the skin. You can use any rose water mist or even thermal water spray that you have but this step is the real game changer. It really locks the moisture into the skin and keeps it there for hours. I choose rose water because it’s suitable for all skin types, it calms, soothes, nourishes the skin and it’s very, very gentle.

I hope that these lines were helpful! What problems is your skin facing during autumn?

*PR Sample


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