Summer to Fall Nail Transition

After falling in love with two of the Bourjois La Laque nail shades (review here), I really wanted to pick up two more. Unfortunately, in my hometown, you can find only 6 colours from the range and the desired ones were not among them.

While I was browsing the drugstore aisles one day, I spotted a Bourjois set containing a La Laque nail polish and a Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick and you should have seen my face when I noticed that the nail polish shade was 7 Lycheers which I wanted so much.

This nail polish has the same creamy and pigmented formula as the other two that I’ve tried from the range, it’s amazing and the colour goes opaque even with one coat. 7 Lycheers is a glossy vintage rose shade with a hint of plum, it’s not too pink, not too purple, it’s just one of the most beautiful shades I’ve had. It’s more of an autumnal than a summer shade but I’d love to wear it all seasons.
DSC_0628postWhat’s your transitional shade this autumn?

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