Lip Products on Rotation


We’re in the middle of September and I noticed that my lip products on rotation at the moment are a mixture of autumn colours and also one or two brighter shades.

I can never go out without a lip balm, I use lip balm whenever I can, when I’m home, when I’m outside, before going to bed. One of my all-time favourite lip balms is definitely Burt’s Bees Mango Lip Balm. I’ve mentioned it so many times, I love the way it smells, how soft my lips get with it, the fact that it’s pocket-friendly and it’s coming from an amazing skincare brand, I just adore everything about it.

Almost half a year ago, I shared with you a lipstick that I thought was perfect for the spring. This lipstick is from Maybelline and it’s called 342 Mauve Mania (review here) and I have to say that it’s been on my lips not only in the spring, not only in the summer but it will be with me in the autumn, too. The colour is so vibrant that makes your face look healthy and fresh, the lipstick has a great scent to it and the texture is very creamy.

We all know how great Rimmel‘s Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipsticks are. That’s why in the past couple of weeks, I added a more fall-appropriate shade to my make-up bag. It’s called 077 Asia and I’ve been looking for it for years. It may seem strange but whenever I went to a drugstore that had a Rimmel stand, there was only the tester left. I finally have it and I use it pretty often because it’s a gorgeous vintage pink shade with a satin finish and the formula doesn’t dry out my lips. Well, I don’t like the packaging and the scent but at least it disappears a minute after applying the lipstick. What’s important is that it’s a great everyday shade.

Another recent purchase is from Alverde and their Bube Dame König lipstick in the shade 20 Pi(n)k-Mauve. Sadly, it’s part of a limited edition collection but you can still find it in some drugstore and read my review on it here. It’s almost like a balm with a hint of colour.

There is also a liquid lipstick in my current most-used ones and it had to be from Bourjois and their Rouge Edition Velvet range. I picked up the shade 07 Nude-ist which isn’t a nude on me at all. It looks more like a muted raspberry colour on my lips and the formula is a bit more creamy compared to the other shades in the range but I will be preparing a separate blog post on it soon.

I’m really surprised by the brands in the past couple of years when it comes to glosses. I was never a big lip gloss fan but there are so many amazing lip glosses at the moment that I can’t help myself. The first one is from Golden Rose and it’s their Colour Sensation LipGloss in the shade 103. It has a sweet scent and a great non-sticky formula, it’s perfect to have in your handbag. Essence make some amazing lip glosses and their XXXL range is wonderful. I have several from the nude and shine ones and the gloss that I’m currently using a lot is from their XXXL Shine line in the shade 07 Big Night Out. Last but not least, my lovely Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, of course (review here). I have it in the shade 06 Rosewood Shimmer and it’s always in my handbag.

L-R: Maybelline 342 Mauve Mania, Rimmel 077 Asia, Alverde 20 Pi(n)k-Mauve, Bourjois 07 Nude-ist, Golden Rose 103, Essence 07 Big Night Out, Clarins 06 Rosewood Shimmer

You can see that there are many lip products that I’ve already mentioned many times and I’m still loving them. What are your favourite ones at the moment?

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