Review: Alverde Lipstick in Pi(n)k-Mauve

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Featuring a limited edition product can sometimes seem a bit unfair but don’t we all want to share what we like? Also, the product that I’m showing you today, can still be found in some DM drugstores (not in Germany though), so if you have one in the near, check if they still have the collection. Or contact them like I did, they were really friendly and told me the nearest drugstore that had these products.

The limited edition that I’m talking about is called Bube Dame König or Jack Queen King in English and it’s from DM’s own brand Alverde. As some of you probably know, Alverde creates natural cosmetics, their products are free from synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives. They’re also really affordable. I like some of their skincare items but I’m not a big fan of their make-up line. However, there are some hits, as well.

Like this limited edition lipstick in the shade 20 Pi(n)k-Mauve. I have to say big thanks to Merry from Berry’s Place for the heads-up because she said how much she loved this lipstick in this particular shade.

I have to admit that the packaging is not my favourite but their regular packaging isn’t great either, so let’s move on to the actual product. This has to be the perfect nude shade, it’s a dusty rose colour with brown undertones and what’s interesting is that sometimes it looks a bit more brown on me but other times it seems more mauvy. Honestly, the swatches don’t do justice to this beauty. It’s suitable for any occasion because it’s delicate but without washing you out, it looks sophisticated and quite natural.
The formula is very creamy, it’s enriched with Jojoba Oil and feels balmy on the lips. It has a light scent that I can’t describe but once the lipstick is applied, I don’t feel the smell anymore. The lasting power isn’t bad either, it stays about 2-3 hours on my lips and for such a buttery lipstick, it’s quite good.
This product is also vegan. The only downside is that it’s not part of the permanent collection of the brand.

Have you tried any make-up products from Alverde?

6 thoughts on “Review: Alverde Lipstick in Pi(n)k-Mauve”

  1. Много се радвам, че и на теб ти е харесало! Аз направо не спирам да го нося и най-якото е, че наистина всеки път като че ли има различен оттенък! <3

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    1. Да, всеки път различно изглежда…да знаеш колко време го издирвах и вече бях загубила надежда, хаха. Благодаря отново! ♥


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