Clarins Blue Orchid Oil

IMG_1886postAbout a year ago, I blogged about the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (here) that I’m still using. I have combination skin that is also dehydrated which basically means that it’s produced excess oil but the skin lacks water at the same time. The result is having a bit more shiny T-zone and the rest of the face can get dry patches. I love my Lotus Oil, it balances out my combination skin, it nourishes it without making it oily, it’s simply one of my favourite products in my skincare routine.

Several months ago, I noticed that my skin was more dry than usual, I had more dry patches appearing and of course, the main reason was the climate. That’s when I decided to try the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil which is suitable for dehydrated skin.

I got a sample that I was using a couple of weeks, the results were amazing and then I decided to purchase the full size.
The smell is a quite strong herbal smell like the rest of the Clarins face oils, I personally like it, it makes me feel pampered each night when I use it. I cleanse my face, apply a toner, then eye cream and serum, then it comes the face oil step and I finish my evening skincare routine with a night cream.
The tight and almost painful feeling that I had, disappeared the moment I applied the oil and on the next day my skin was much better. Of course, I was using oils before that too, I was still taking care of my skin, so I can’t say that my skin condition was too bad but definitely, the Norwegian weather had its word and it made my skin quite dry and red.

Clarins Blue Orchid Oil calms my skin, gives it the right amount of moisture without making it oily, doesn’t break me out and one bottle lasts a very long time. Even my boyfriend who has extremely dry skin started using it and he loves it (especially if I apply it with massaging motions on his face).

I had a break from the oil in the warmer months but now that we’re approaching autumn days, I will include it again in my skincare routine. I think it’s a great treatment for the cooler months.
I sometimes use a small trick to lock the moisture – before applying the oil, I use a face mist (rose water face mist or thermal water, for example are amazing) and then use several drops of the oil, it absorbs even quicker without feeling greasy and the mositure stays where it should be.

Have you tried any of the Clarins Face Oils?


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