New to my Skincare Routine


As I’ve been on a long holiday here and there, my skincare routine has drastically changed. The products are totally different from what I normally use, they’re less, I’m skipping some steps because of the hot weather but somehow I managed to keep my skin in good condition.

A few of the newly incorporated into my daily regime skincare products are a moisturiser, an eye cream and a facial oil. I want to mention that I’ve been using these products for weeks and not for just a couple of days as I always want to give an honest opinion which takes longer time to be formed when it comes to skincare.

I love using eye gels in the summer because they feel quite cooling and refreshing but I noticed that my eye area got a bit dry in the past few weeks That’s the reason why I switched to a more hydrating eye cream. The Balea Eye Cream with Lotus has a lovely texture, feels light but nourishing, it’s not sticky and it sinks into the skin pretty quickly. I believe it has a new formula as it doesn’t contain perfume (the previous version had pefume in the ingredients), so it should be suitable even for more sensitive eyes and for contact lens wearers like me. The formula contains Vitamin E, Panthenol, Almond, Jojoba, Aloe and Lotus Oils and Caffeine and Vitamin C which are supposed to help against dark circles but as we all know, there isn’t a product that can erase dark circles. It hydrates my eye area really well and the concealer performs better, as well. I’m quite pleased with this affordable product.

Another budget-friendly skincare item is the Alverde Lime & Apple Mattifying Day Cream. At first, the consistency seemed strange to me because it’s runny but feels thick. When I’m applying it on my skin, it feels a bit greasy but then it absorbs fast and looks matte. It doesn’t stay matte all day but it feels pretty light and I think it’s a good product for the summer, I wouldn’t use it in the winter as it won’t be hydrating enough. It has a gentle fruity scent and contains Organic Lime Extract, Organic Apple Water and Shea Butter. I wasn’t sure about the Shea Butter as this ingredient normally breaks me out but so far, I haven’t had any problems with this face cream and the Shea Butter in it. It’s suitable for normal and combination skin and the product is vegan.

Last but not least, a facial oil. It’s a miniature of the Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil* and I use it only in the night although it’s suggested to use it both, day and night. It’s the only nighttime product that I’m currently using and it makes a huge difference even without a moisturiser. I was a bit sceptical at first because it says it’s suitable for any skin type and usually, it’s never suitable for any skin type. Then I realised it’s the most oily oil I’ve ever used and I thought I’d wake up to breakouts but that wasn’t the case. Even weeks later, I still have product left in the mini bottle, my skin is radiant and soft. I had dry patches appearing because of the burning sun but this sorts it out in just a couple of nights. It’s a pricey product but I need just 2-3 drops to cover my whole face and neck.

These are some of my essential summer skincare items this year, have you tried any of them?

*PR Sample

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