A Relaxing Summer Sunday

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The last few days have been quite stormy, the temperatures got 15 degrees lower for just a day and many people are already ready to welcome the autumn. However, I have no intention of doing it. Today sun’s shining again and my plan is to have a chilled Sunday.

I love a good read on a weekend and that’s why I’m always trying to have my Kindle around. I’m currently reading Ronnie O’Sullivan‘s Running: The Autobiography because he’s a very interesting person and an incredibly gifted snooker player.

Water is something that’s very important for me, I drink a lot of water but from time to time I allow myself something sweeter, as well. Something like L’Aranciata from San Pellegrino (summer in a can!) or the Peach Ice Tea from San Benedetto.

I also like doing a face mask like Freeman‘s Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask that I’m trying today and painting my nails with a bright nail polish like the shade 360 from KIKO. I’ve tried the face mask only a couple of times, so I need to use it longer to actually share my opinion but so far, it makes my skin very soft, tightens the pores and washes off much easier than most of the clay masks that I’ve used.

I’m still not sure about the White Cotton & Pink Lily body mist from Victoria’s Secret because yes, it does smell fresh and clean but it doesn’t last very long on me. Also, the bottle is not working very well, so the quality of the product doesn’t match the price tag and I was expecting more from it.

I try to always remember to nourish my feet and I know many people would hate it in the summer because they recall sticky and unpleasant feeling but the foot gel that I’m currently using is really good. It’s actually from the drugstore and it’s the Balea Mint Oil and Blood Orange Extract Foot Gel Lotion. It absorbs really quickly, has a light texture and smells very fresh, it also has a cooling effect which is perfect for the summer.

How are you going to spend your Sunday?


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