LUSH New Charity Pot

It’s doesn’t happen very often to be in a LUSH store because I simply don’t have one around me but everytime when I have the chance to be inside, I see something new.

Most of you probably would know about the New Charity Pot but for me it was something that I had no idea of. Until one day in London when me and my boyfriend were about to take our purchases and a lady in the store asked us if we wanted a trial size of the Hand & Body Lotion. The cute little tin cost £1 and of course, we took it.

It’s a great lotion with amazing moisturising properties, it has new formula that contains a wonderful mix of oils, has floral scent with a sweet note to it and is self-preserving. It sinks into the skin pretty quickly and gives you a nice glow.

But there is something more important about this product that surprised me. The New Charity Pot contributes to a good cause with each purchase. 100% of the price (minus taxes) is donated to small, grassroots organisations that are in need of help to continue their work. It supports organisations that align with LUSH‘s ethics in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights.

Next time you’re around a LUSH store, check this lotion out. Since I discovered it, it’s been my little moisturising pot whenever I travel and the money goes for a good cause.


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