Bloggers Made me Do It

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Often we make beauty purchases inspired by bloggers without even realising it. There are many girls that I trust and read their blogs because I know I can learn something from them. I love following bloggers from different countries because there aren’t only hyped products but also such that are worth checking out although they’re not mentioned a lot. The downside is that most of the time I have to wait for a trip outside Norway to be able to actually purchase the desired products.

Today I decided to show you a few of my latest product purchases recommended by some lovely girls with amazing beauty blogs.

There are just a few people that can make me buy face wipes, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the biggest cleansing wipes fan but it’s always nice to have a pack of them when you travel. So, when Lori from Empurple mentioned the Purederm Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Lori has amazing skin (she’s adorable in general) and so far, I’ve liked everything that she has recommended, from shampoos to nail polishes, she just knows what’s good. Purederm is a Korean brand which makes me even more excited about these wipes and I got two types of them – Argan Oil and Tea Tree. I’m pretty curious to see how they work.

The gorgeous mummy-to-be Merry from Berry’s Place raves about the Essence Gel Nail Top Coat a lot! So much that I spend weeks trying to get it and the moment I thought this product would never be mine, I found it and at the same time my boyfriend got a backup for me from another country. This little gem adds an amazing shine and indeed extends the life of my nail polish. As I’ve said before, no nail polish lasts on me more than 2-3 days while this top coat makes it look good even on the 5th day! Thank you, Merry!

Kali’s Inspiration is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog by the lover of Scandinavian design and minimalism Kali. Her beautiful space is chic and you’re going to fall in love with it. When Kali wrote a blog post about the Golden Rose Colour Sensation LipGloss last December (!), I immediately added it to my wishlist although I knew I wouldn’t have the chance to be near a Golden Rose display. Well, more than half a year later, I got to see their products! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the shade that she likes the most but I’m pretty happy with my choice, as well. Mine is in the shade 103 and the gloss has a delicate hint of colour, a sweet scent that is not too overpowering and a lovely non-sticky formula.

The next product has already been featured in my last month’s favourites and it’s the Essence Silky Touch Blush in 20 Babydoll. I was looking for another shade but seems it’s quite popular and is often sold out. The blush has a soft texture, it’s highly pigmented and just a bit shimmery. The reason why I got this blush was Teddy, the girl with the most gorgeous hair ever. Her blog Powder Your Face With Sunshine is very informative and her photography is fantastic!

I’ve been trying to use only aluminium-free deodorants in the past year or so and I can tell you that it can be quite hard to find such deodorants. When I saw a new Yves Rocher display at my local drugstore, I remembered that Snejana mentioned their deodorant on her Snejana Atanasov Blog and I picked up the Almond scent which I haven’t tried yet. I really missed Yves Rocher… When I was younger there was a beauty store with hundreds of their products, I remember that I was obsessed with their shower gels and fruity smelling body sprays and then the brand just disappeared. I’m very happy that I can see part of their range again although it’s not much, still better than nothing.

I’d like to say big thanks to the ladies for their recommendations, the products that I’ve already tried are amazing and I’m looking forward to add to my routine the ones that I still haven’t used! Keep up the good work, beauties!


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