Golden Rose Rich Colour Nail Lacquers

DSC_0440post DSC_0444post DSC_0451postThere is a brand that I’ve seen many times but never tried anything from them. It just always seemed a bit chaotic, their products were spread all over the drugstore with no system and it just didn’t appeal to me.

Recently, I was surprised to see a completely different display of the brand’s products and what caught my eye were their nail polishes. Golden Rose have several nail polish ranges and they all look amazing because of the fact that they’re quite wide – some of them have 50+ shades in them, others 100+, very impressive.

I got one shade from the Rich Colour range and then came back for more. Here I’m showing you 7 nail polish shades and I’m thinking of getting more from the other ranges.

The nail polishes don’t have names, just numbers, so here they are: (pinky – thumb) 04 is a beautiful cyclamen shade, 105 is a great colour for the winter, it’s a gorgeous bordeaux shade, 62 is a very interesting blue but unfortunately, it doesn’t suit my skin tone at all, 104 is a fabulous aubergine and 05 is a nude.
The last two are 03 – another nude but with more of a metallic finish and 54 (the last picture) which is my personal favourite, a lovely dusty rose shade that is quite similar to Essie Eternal Optimist although it doesn’t look like this on the photo.

The best about these nail polishes is the wide brush that makes the application really easy. The formula is very creamy, not too thick, not too runny and goes well even with one coat. I prefer to apply two coats for a more opaque look. It dries pretty fast and lasts about 3-4 days on me. It looks really shiny although I like to apply a top coat, as well.

I’d recommend taking a look at these nail polishes if you have this brand’s display around you. They are really good and so affordable.

Is there a Golden Rose nail polish shade that you’d recommend checking out?


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