Perk Up with Percup

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If you hate applying body moisturisers in the warmer months because you’re afraid of the sticky and greasy feeling but you still want your skin to be hydrated, the next lines are for you!

I think I found the perfect summer body butter in the form of a massage bar. The massage bar is basically a solid bar of moisturising butters and essential oils. It’s applied directly onto the skin and the product melts by its warmth, leaving a glowy look to the skin without being and feeling oily.

The massage bar that I’m showing you today is Percup by LUSH. There were several more released at the same time as this one and my boyfriend picked Percup for me and Pearl for my mom. They both smell amazing and hydrate really well but today I’m sharing with you my experience with Percup.

It’s described as a caffeine-fuelled massage bar with whole coffee beans to help boost circulation, whilst coconut and jojoba oils hydrate and nourish the skin. It also contains Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter and Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter.
I don’t think it smells of coffee, I like the smell of coffee although I don’t drink coffee but this massage bar smells even better. It’s something between sweet vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa and coffee, it’s a very warm and nice scent.

The coffee beans work as a light exfoliant and the oils melt in contact with the skin to give hydration and a lovely sheen to the skin.

Finding a way to store the massage bar, however, can be a problem. I keep mine in a box or a tin (LUSH also have massage bar tins) to stop it from melting everywhere. It’s a pricey product but it lasts a very long time.

If you’re looking for a product with very good moisturising properties but without leaving your skin greasy, try Percup. When it runs out, I’m going to find another one from their massage bars because I want to try different scents.

What’s your favourite body moisturiser for the summer?


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