Sephora Italy Haul

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I had a list of Sephora wishes that I wanted first to see instead of just making an online purchase. So, when I got to Rome, I headed to three of their Sephora boutiques but sadly, none of them was big enough to have a better variety of products. Most of the time when I asked about a product, the answer was “Non è disponibile in Italia” (“It’s not available in Italy”). I ended up getting basically some eye masks for me and my friends, a lipstick and a nail polish. It’s a bit frustrating but at least I can try something new for me.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Sephora’s fiber eye and face masks and I was curious to try them, so I got five eye masks: Green Tea, Honey, Lotus, Ginseng and the Pearl one. I also got the Rose Face Mask for my mom because she has dry skin and this one looks interesting.

I’ve never tried the Formula X nail polishes and I wanted to find 2-3 shades to compare how they perform but there were not that many that appealed to me. I picked up only one and it’s in the shade Alive which is a beautiful peachy pink colour.

Who doesn’t want to own at least one of the NARS Audacious Lipsticks? I had a list of about 10 shades that I wanted to swatch but unfortunately, there were only 3 of them available. At the end I picked up Anita which is a nude but a pretty opaque one. I really wanted Anna or Vanessa because they have a little bit more dusty rose and mauve in them but Anita is a beautiful shade, as well.

At the end, I randomly picked a Peony Bubble Bath capsule from Sephora‘s own brand just because there was a bath in our hotel room. And it smelled really nice.

I had high hopes that didn’t meet the reality but maybe the products that I purchased will make the feeling less bitter.

What would you suggest to get from Sephora next time?


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