My Everyday Lipstick: MAC Plumful

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I have a list with MAC lipstick shades that I would like to try/have one day. Unfortunately, there isn’t a MAC counter where I live, so online shopping is the only possibility at the moment. This, of course, can make you spend hours and hours browsing through swatches on the internet and thinking if this or that shade would look good on you.

After purchasing Patisserie, which I still use quite often, I decided not to pick another one online. The reason was the shimmer in Patisserie, I just don’t seem to like it although I love the actual colour. However, there was one shade that I’ve been wanting for such a long time and after resisting the urge to buy it, one day my boyfriend decided to get one for me…and one for my mom…and one for his mom. They loved it! Then I regretted not purchasing it earlier.

I’m talking about MAC Plumful and I’m not sure if I can explain how perfect this lipstick is. It’s a medium pinky-plum shade that makes you look more awake and healthy. It’s not too dark, it’s not too bright or scary to wear. Has a lustre finish, so it doesn’t last more than 3-4 hours on the lips but even when it fades, it still looks good. Feels moisturising on the lips, it’s really comfortable to wear and has a soft sheen without being too shiny. I think it would look flattering on anyone because you can control the pigmentation. Although it goes quite sheer at first as all the lustre MAC lipsticks, it’s actually buildable. I decided to show you how you can build up the colour and turn this everyday lipstick into a night time appropriate shade and basically, it can be worn every day or night, any season of the year and by anyone.

MAC Plumful is such a wonderful shade that makes you look polished and sophisticated. Your lips pop and make your face look more vibrant.
Many people choose this shade to be their go-to autumn lip colour but for me, personally, every day could be a MAC Plumful day.

Do you like this shade and what’s your favourite MAC lipstick?


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