Two Affordable All-Round Concealers

IMG_3027post IMG_3029post IMG_3374postIf I have to choose only one make-up product that I can’t go a day without, it would be concealer. Dark circles, redness, blemishes are things that I prefer not to cover with foundation because I like a sheer base. I’m always on a hunt for the best concealers and while I’m waiting for my new Urban Decay one to be delivered (should’ve taken 2-3 days but it’s been 2 weeks!), I decided to share with you two affordable gems.

They’re both from Catrice Cosmetics, I got them from Germany but you can find them in other European countries, as well.

The first one is their Allround Coverstick which is part of the new spring collection. Mine is in the shade 020 Vanilla which is pretty good for my skin tone. I was a bit sceptical because a stick concealer never looked good under my eyes but this one has such a creamy texture that really surprised me. Yes, it does settle into fine lines but a bit of powder fixes it. It has medium coverage and lasts pretty long time although I need to re-apply at some point. If I need a bit of radiance under my eyes, I just apply an illuminating concealer on top. It’s good for hiding blemishes and redness, as well without making the areas look dry. I really like the versatility of this product.

The second one is probably the most famous product from the brand and it’s their Camouflage Cream. My boyfriend was the one that got it for me and I wasn’t sure which shade to choose, the lightest one looked too light on the swatches, the medium one looked a bit too dark and indeed it is a bit dark for me. It’s 020 Light Beige and perhaps, I have to get the lightest one too and just mix them together. This is a really thick concealer that looks and feels heavy if you don’t warm it well. I keep mine in a warm room and I also apply it with my fingers to really melt it and dot it under my eyes or on any spot that I have. Then I blend it out with a damp beauty sponge. If you use it under your eyes, be sure to moisturise the area before using this concealer. Definitely, less is more here, you really don’t need much. It’s more of a corrector I think, it has a really good coverage and stays in place all day. Unfortunately, I can’t use it on its own, I always have to apply base and at the end powder, as well because it just doesn’t match my skin tone. I use a more hydrating and highlighting concealer on top of the Camouflage Cream. In spite of this, I still like it because it hides all the imperfections really well, especially my dark circles. I just wish it came in more shades.

Have you tried any of these concealers?


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