My Everyday Eyeshadow: MAC Patina

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I’m not an eyeshadow girl but I always think a neutral shade applied all over the lids looks sophisticated and a bit more presentable without trying too hard.

I fell in love with MAC Patina because it catches the light beautifully, it’s really easy to wear and it looks pretty on many skin tones.
For me, personally, is very hard to describe the shade because it’s unique. It has golden, brown and olive tones and frost finish. The versatility of this shade comes from the fact that it has golden shimmer but it’s cool-toned at the same time.

It’s not the most pigmented eyeshadow but the texture is smooth, blends easily and you can build up the colour. The staying power is excellent and it doesn’t crease.
I apply a nude shade as a base and then Patina all over the lid for a more polished look. It brightens up the eyes but still keeps the natural look.

If you don’t want to look overdone or you’re just not an eyeshadow fan but you’d like a little touch of colour to the lids, give MAC Patina a try.

What’s your favourite everyday eyeshadow?


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