Three Do-It-All Beauty Gems

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I recently shared with you that I love multi-purpose moisturisers and I realised that they’re a little bit neglected on this blog. I mean, I adore them, I carry them around with me, I use them all the time but I never mention them.
So, I decided to pick my three most loved multi-taskers and tell you more about them. What they have in common is that they’re tiny but a little goes a long way, they can be used on lips, elbows, knuckles, knees, eyebrows, lashes and practically on all areas with dry or hard skin.

Last month, I did a review on #LipGlam* (here), so I will just say that it’s the thickest one here, it’s a natural lip balm that is free from colourants, parabens and additives and contains natural lanolin. You need just a tiny bit of it for instant relief, it doesn’t irritate the skin and you can even use it on insect bites or burns.

The LUSH Ultrabalm has the biggest tin and is probably the softest of the three. Feels almost like a cream but then it melts into an oil and absorbs almost instantly. It contains Organic Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax and Rose Wax. As you can see it’s vegan because the Beeswax version was reformulated and now it contains its alternative – the Candelilla Wax. The texture is a little bit grainy but I don’t think it would irritate more sensitive skin. I personally like the smell, to me it smells of something like a mixture of honey and tahini if it makes sense but many people hate it. It was a random purchase by my boyfriend but I’m really happy with this product, it’s a great discovery. However, the price for a tub in Norway is double, so I’d be picking up another one if I’m going to the UK.

Last but definitely not least is the one that made me fall in love with multi-purpose moisturisers. I was about 11-12 years old when I got the chance to try it and I have no idea how many little jars of it I’ve gone through since then. It’s the Oriflame Tender Care in Almond but I’ve tried all of them, they have so many different scents, I’ve had the lip balm stick version as well, the original one is now in my handbag, it’s just a must-have for me. The consistency is something in between the first two, it’s thicker than Ultrabalm but less thick than #LipGlam*, sinks into the skin pretty fast without leaving uncomfortable feeling. Contains Beeswax and Vegetable Oils and I often use it on my heels after a long and exhausting day.

Do you have a favourite multi-purpose moisturiser?


*PR sample


3 thoughts on “Three Do-It-All Beauty Gems”

  1. You know I was just reading up on this pot from Oriflame and I saw it on your blog ..serendipity you call it! Would definitely buy it now. Which variant should I get? I guess they have cherry blackcurrant and almond ones available here ☺


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