I’m a Total Lip Scrub Convert Now!


I’ve already confessed my love for lip balms and when I say that I never thought I’d need a lip scrub, you may be surprised. Because usually they go hand-in hand, right? You exfoliate your lips and then apply a lip balm.

But because I’m using lip balm all the time, I haven’t had so dry lips that are flaky and in a need of special exfoliating with such products. I always thought that they’re just cute-looking and lovely scented overpriced little jars that don’t do much. Of course, you can use a homemade lip scrub which is super easy to mix.

However, my boyfriend passed by a LUSH store when he was near Oslo and decided to pick some goodies for me. One of them was their Bubblegum Lip Scrub. I can’t lie, it was the first thing that caught my eye because it’s cute, because it’s little and it’s pink.
Basically, it’s caster sugar mixed with jojoba oil, plus flavour and colour added. And yes, it is overpriced although it was a gift and I wasn’t supposed to know the price but for the purposes of this post, I checked it out.
What you have to do is get a small amount of the lip scrub with clean finger and scrub your lips with it. Then you can lick your lips (I simply wash my lips with water and dry them with a towel) and apply lip balm or lipstick, it’s great if you’d like to wear a matte lipstick afterwards. I recommend using the lip scrub over a sink because it can get a bit messy.
The texture is really fluffy and soft, leaves a sweet candy floss taste and a bit of a nourishing veil from the jojoba oil. What impressed me was that my lips got smoother indeed! And even if I didn’t have the chapped and flaky lips problem, they actually felt and looked better after using the lip scrub.

Now I’m absolutely converted and I use this lip scrub couple of times a week. It’s great especially in the winter… *looking out of the window and seeing the snow*
You can make your own lip scrub at home with just a couple of ingredients and if you’re sceptical like me, just give it a try, you’ll see the difference, I’m sure.

What is your favourite lip scrub?


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