Three Underrated Hand Creams You Need in Your Life


Winter is a real challenge for our skin, body and hair. But we use our hands all the time and they’re one of the first things that others see when they meet us.
Whether they’re not a nice picture or for us it’s quite painful, dry hands are something that we don’t want. There are thousands of hand creams out there, we know the most famous ones, some of them are favourites of mine but today I wanted to show you three hand products that are not mentioned and appreciated enough…at least that’s what I think.

Starting off with the Origins Make a Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment which is the priciest one but comes in a tube of 75 ml. I love Origins skincare products but I never thought I’d get a hand cream from them. This cream has a light citrus-y scent and thick, yet non-greasy texture. It sinks into the skin pretty quickly but leaves a light film, it almost feels like silk gloves protecting your hands. You need just a little and you don’t have to reapply all the time. It has the resurrection plant Rose of Jericho in it, as well as Trehalose and Sea Haricots.

For me, Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream is the softest and the best smelling one out of the bunch. And also the tiniest with its 57 grams. Although I’d like to talk only about the product that’s inside, I have to mention how pretty this glass jar is and I’m sure I’ll be using it once the cream is over. This cream is 100% natural and not tested on animals. The ingredients are Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E that are perfect for hydrating and protecting your hands and Beeswax which seals the moisture and works as a skin conditioner. The scent is divine, it’s sweet but nutty, it smells almost like almond cookies. It’s a very rich cream but absorbs quickly and is quite comfortable to wear, feels very soothing. I love having it on my bedside table.

Last but not least, NUXE Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream. We all know their famous lip balm (I’ve done a review on it here) but the hand cream from the same line deserves attention as well. Has the lightest texture of the three but it’s still really hydrating. Contains Honey, Sunflower, Precious Oils and Vitamin E. Smells lovely of honey and flowers at the same time, sinks into the skin pretty fast and you don’t get sticky hands. This is the one that I’d carry in my bag because it leaves something like a velvet-y finish. If you hate the feeling of hand creams in general, this is the one to try!

What’s your favourite hand cream?


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